Middle East


A few hours after the Qatari Foreign Ministry announced that the humanitarian truce in

 Gaza will come into force at seven o'clock on Friday morning, local time for the Strip, as part


Speaking with the members of the 91st Division, during his tour on the northern front near

 the border with Lebanon, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant threatened Hezbollah in

 Lebanon to "make a big mistake", stressing that the people of Lebanon will pay the price,

Gallant said, that it is easy to turn Beirut into Gaza again, "the planes are ready to head



Day after day, Israeli forces advance inside the Gaza Strip under the protection of intense

 aerial bombardments, and they engage in fierce clashes with Hamas fighters


In a development of events in the Gaza Strip, and welcomed by Israel, the US Department of Defense announced on Monday that an American Ohio-class nuclear-powered

submarine is in the Middle East to help prevent the aggravation and expansion of the war between Israel and Hamas.


Egypt is preparing to receive seven thousand foreigners as part of the evacuation process

 from the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry

announced, while the Ministry of Health said that hundreds crossed on Thursday.


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