Specialists pointed out that killing kangaroos and sending them to consume their meat or to benefit from their skin, is a way to avoid severe suffering and to control their numbers.


Australian Defense Force Commander Angus Campbell said the United States warned him in 2021 that reports of the killing of prisoners and civilians in Afghanistan by Australian Special Forces soldiers could trigger a law that prevents his country from receiving US aid.


Challenges on the TikTok application have become one of the common things that attract young people on social media platforms, but they sometimes lead to serious results, the latest of which is what happened with the 13-year-old Australian girl Esra Heinz .

 After the spread of e-smoking among teenagers and students from secondary and primary schools, the Australian government began to take measures to combat this phenomenon through a wide range of controls on imports and packaging.

 After Leslie Trotter, 78, was reported missing from her Brisbane home by her family in late March and attempts to find her initially focused on nearby bushwalking trails where she enjoyed hiking, the search took another turn, however, when Queensland Homicide detectives revealed that they had evidence of her death and that her body may have been inside a box that had been emptied into a garbage truck.


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