South America


The echoes of the events in Gaza and the brutal and inhuman Israeli aggression are still

 floating around the world. after the demonstrations that swept the major European

 capitals, the repercussions of the Israeli war in the Gaza Strip were reflected to reach the

 borders of Latin America, where Bolivia officially announced the severance of diplomatic

relations with Israel, "rejecting and condemning the aggressive and unequal attack being

 waged in the Gaza Strip". Later, Colombia and Chile announced the recall of their

ambassadors from Tel Aviv for the same reason.


The US National Hurricane Center announced that Hurricane Otis is rapidly advancing over the Pacific Ocean, and it is expected to reach the coasts of the city of Acapulco on

the west coast of Mexico within hours, and the center said that "catastrophic damage is likely to occur at the site where the eye of the hurricane will sweep" when it reaches



Voters in Argentina are heading to the polls in a presidential election dominated by anger over decades of economic decline and record inflation that has pushed political candidate Javier Maille to the forefront of the race.


A year after Haiti's request, the UN Security Council approved sending a foreign security mission to the Caribbean state

To help fight the gangs committing violent acts that have largely swept the capital, Port-au-Prince.


Police in South America are searching for the leader of a Venezuelan gang who escaped from the luxurious prison that he dominated before A short time from the prison raid.


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