After some users of the latest version of Apple, the new iPhone 15, complained after it went on sale in

September, that their devices heat up too much to touch.


Despite Washington's efforts to obstruct Beijing's access to this ultra-advanced technology, SMEC, which is

The largest Chinese chip manufacturer, surprised the United States and the West after Huawei launched the latest version of

Its smartphones (Mate 60 Pro) equipped with an advanced processor with a resolution of 7 nm are homemade .


OpenAI announced on Monday that it had introduced an update on its "Chat GBT" artificial intelligence software.

It will make it able to interact with audio and image with users.


The American company "OpenAI" specializing in artificial intelligence programs and the innovative "chat GBT", plans to open a branch in Dublin, which will be its first in a European Union country, it reported Thursday via its blog.

The iPhone is of great interest worldwid , if we look at the search results on Google, we find that there are almost five billion search results for the phrase "iPhone 15", this comes with several hours separating us from Apple unveiling the latest version of the iPhone, the company's best-selling product.


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