Hong Kong announced plans to give up half a million airline tickets to support tourism and easy aviation movements.


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Hong Kong – 4 march 2023

 After the covid-19 pandemic is over, Asian destinations, in particular, are keen to boost their tourism economies with the return of large-scale

      travel to push people to vacation there, Hong Kong has already announced plans to give up half a million airline tickets, and now its neighbor Taiwan plans to follow the same approach.

Savings like that could leave a little more money free to visit the region’s most exciting new luxury hotels to open this year.

If you’re looking for something even more from your hotel, though, than infinity pools and Egyptian cotton sheets, we’ve found nine hotels in Asia-Pacific where the adventure starts before you even reach the front door.

We’re talking ultimate grand entrances – from zip-lining over a waterfall and landing in the hotel bar to taking a leisurely river cruise through a verdant gorge.


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