After the storm Daniel hit Greece and resulted in the death of at least 10 people in addition to the loss of millions of dollars, the storm headed to hit the Libyan coasts to cause terror among citizens due to causing floods that resulted in the death of at least two thousand people, according to the Libyan authorities, before heading towards the western border of Egypt.


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Egypt - September,11,2023


The higher emergency committee in the Libyan city of Derna announced a comprehensive alert to provide assistance to those affected and search for people trapped by floods and floods in the country, and circulating photos and videos showed footage of torrents flooding the main streets and a number of houses in the city.

Fears of Storm Daniel sweeping Egypt come after several Libyan cities were hit by floods and floods as a result of heavy rains, especially the city of Derna, which was heavily damaged by the storm.

Following the arrival of Storm Daniel in Egypt, urgent decisions were issued from various governorates to deal with the impact of the storm, whether the spread of dense fog in coastal areas or heavy rainfall, amid maximum preparations to avoid crises.‏

The main operations room was held and linked to the sub-operations rooms in the city centers to receive Citizen reports and respond quickly in a short time.‏

Full coordination between all competent authorities within the governorate, including the drinking water, sanitation, electricity, civil protection company, paramedics, as well as government hospitals.‏

The Egyptian General Meteorological Authority announced that the storm affects the far west of the country, but in the form of a deep depression accompanied by exciting wind activity of sand and dust on the north of the country as far north as Upper Egypt, as accompanied by rainfall on Salloum, Matrouh and Siwa extending to Alexandria in the evening.‏

Inside the city of Siwa, signs of Storm Daniel appeared with dusty winds amid raising the readiness level in all sectors, especially the water company, according to statements by Mohammed Omran Giri, a member of the Siwa sons Association, where the places of flood exits in all areas were reviewed.‏

"The various authorities in the city have managed to secure the bridges of agricultural drainage stations to prevent them from being damaged during the storm, which may result in damage to agricultural lands in Siwa, and so far the situation is stable,"adds Jerry.‏

Jerry continues:"most of the people committed to stay in their homes until the storm ended, and tourist safaris stopped in the city to protect our guests, whether foreigners or Egyptians, in addition to the readiness of Siwa Central Hospital to act quickly in case of an emergency and the need to provide aid to anyone.‏

In Alexandria, the beaches witnessed a decrease in the level of horizontal visibility and a wave of volatile weather, in conjunction with the announcement of the sanitation company in the governorate to raise the maximum readiness level, and issuing a number of instructions to its workers, such as the suspension of vacations and Rest Allowance for 48 hours until the passage of Storm Daniel, according to an official statement issued by the company.‏

The company noted the full cooperation between its operations room and Alexandria governorate and direct communication with all neighborhoods and executive bodies in the Mediterranean bride, as well as the preparedness of the emergency room and the hotline for quick action immediately upon the arrival of reports or complaints from any area.


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