Pierre Agostini (France), Ferenc Kraus (Hungary-Austria) and Anne Lhuillier (France-Sweden) Cross were crowned with the Nobel Prize

For Physics for the year 2023, according to the Swedish Nobel academy, noting that their coronation came in recognition of their research in the field of

Generating atosecond light pulses to study electron dynamics in matter. And the prize-winners receive about 920

A thousand dollars is shared in the event that more than one person wins.


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Stockholm-  October,4,2023


The jury said that the three researchers were awarded the prize in recognition of " their experimental methods that generate light pulses per second (part

From the billionth billionth of a second) to study the dynamics of an electron in matter".

The members of the committee explained that "a second is so short that there are as many of them every second as there are seconds that have passed since

The genesis of the universe".

The committee noted that the three researchers " have demonstrated a method for creating extremely short flashes of light that can be used to measure

Rapid processes in which electrons move or change energy". She noted that " the contributions of the winners made it possible to achieve

In operations that were very fast and previously impossible to follow,"he said.

Agostini is a professor at Ohio State University in the United States, while Kraus holds the position of director at the Max Planck Institute

In Germany.

Lhuillier, the fifth woman to win the Nobel Prize in physics since 1901, is a professor at Lund University in Sweden. She said

Lhuillier told reporters she was giving a university tutoring class when she received a phone call from the Royal Swedish Academy

For science, it was "difficult" for her to finish the class. She added: "I am very touched ... There are not many women who

They get this award, so it's very special".

The trio will share a financial reward of SEK 11 million (about a million dollars), and will receive the prize from King Carl

XVI Gustaf at a ceremony to be held in Stockholm on December 10, on the day of the anniversary of the death of scientist Alfred Nobel

Who created the awards through his last will at the end of the XIX century.

On Monday, the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to both Hungarian Catalin Carrico and American Drew Wiseman, in recognition of their research work

In the field of mRNA vaccine against the covid-19 pandemic.

The Nobel season continues in Stockholm on Wednesday with the announcement of the Nobel Prize for chemistry before the upcoming literature prize on Thursday

Friday's peace is the only award to be announced in Oslo. The Nobel season concludes next Monday with the economics prize.

The value of the cheque received by the winners and accompanying the prize is 11 million crowns (about 980 thousand dollars), which is the highest value

Nominal (in Swedish currency) in the history of the Nobel Prizes, which were founded more than a hundred years ago.


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