In a visit that is the first since 2004, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad arrived in China, which, according to observers, is another step towards de-isolating Syria and pushing towards getting it out of the crisis it has been living since 2011.




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Beijing - September,21,2023


The Syrian Arab news agency SANA said that the two presidents will hold a " Syrian-Chinese summit, and the visit also includes a number of meetings and events to be held by President Assad and Asma al-Assad in the cities of Hangzhou and Beijing.

Observers believe that China's growing role in the political and economic equations around the world, which doubled after the Ukrainian crisis, enables it to engage more positively in one of the most complex inflamed crises in the region, the Syrian crisis, by contributing to the weighting of peace, stability and reconstruction in the country exhausted by many years of internal war and external interventions.

The visit falls within the horizon of the transformations witnessed by the Syrian event, after the Arab openness and the overall developments in attitudes towards the crisis, and it is hoped that it will be a turning point in the Syrian event and its international interventions.

If Syria is the "fault line" in international politics, on the other hand, it represents one of the lines of consensus and alliance between actors at odds with America.

Assad's visit tells the world that Syria is following its political line and its international alliances, and that it is counting on the change in the balance of power in the world, as a lever for the Syrian event, moving it from conflict and war to politics, from rupture to communication, from destruction and blockade to construction and development.

The Syrians are exploring the possibility of China's contribution to the lifting of the blockade, investments and reconstruction, in light of the challenges facing Russia, especially in this context with the succession of Western sanctions against it after the Ukraine war.

Although there are estimates that China's presence in Syria is still at the level of political support, and has not progressed much in the field of economy and development, compared to its presence in the region and the world, the Syrians may be missing a potential or hoped-for role for China in resolving some of the crises and bottlenecks facing Syrian-Arab relations, and China has been present in improving the situation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and this is an example of the strength of the Chinese role and mediations.

China has additional motives to be more present in a major regional crisis, and if the situation between Beijing and Washington escalates, it is possible that Syria will also be a confrontation space, although there are no serious indications in this regard.

The visit is expected to resolve the debate, which has been echoing in political analyses for some time, over Syria's position in the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. Things will not stand still here, but there are economic and development projects and perhaps loans or credit lines that form the agenda of meetings and meetings between officials, including what was agreed before the Syrian war.


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