Lines in the reading of world's future

Written by|Abeer Almadawy

Donald Trump has won and now he heads the United States, New policy of the American strategy will be accepted by the white house according to the  view of the new man of the house…According to him ,Donald Trump "nothing  ever can stop us " and never say never".

A man who thinks different, he will be so as a president, in everything such as his methods of running the life of politics.

From here  it is the secret of our interest in talking about Donald Trump…Let's look at him as being a  book and we must read it from the first to the end "from cover to cover !

Actually and before I start my message ,couldn't read about the man separately from the New World System…Both rivers meet with each other and will complete with what is expected from the world's events…

What I say that "World of Politics is always fluctuating … And it will introduce a new color of the future's face which we are going towards. And it may affect our lives.

Generally, the world is going to a new line of Politics' methods. Life will be totally different. And you" dear reader" prepare yourself to Expect, what isn't expected".

During the following lines that I call you to read carefully, please don't think I am a witch who can read the future but I try with you to reach to the reality that will effect our future life…this reality is creating now, but political men, those who I tried to read about, gave me the cards to understand what is happening now and what can be happened in future.


The systematic deviation in the world and the management style that agitated it, is exactly what William Shakespeare had created in the events of his novels. He used to give the role of real heroes... to the one who is hidden in the role of clown. You always take from him the wisdom!

Why he was doing this? In fact I see William Shakespeare not as a perfect writer only, but also as a great creator of our political modernity.

His vision and realism often controls on our politics and the world today.

And Here I will stop in front of one of his ideas,

Said by a clown from the modern leader:

 "The new mechanism in the establishment of New World System depends on the trick.

This Shakespearean's vision, which continues to advance in our system ruling the modern world, will make a very strange future that the whole world will witness.

On the other hand, there will be a disturbing and amazing things ,will let most of us  suffer, cry and regret on what have ever been ... especially with the countries who took wrong choices that have caused wars, genocide , hatred and racism, which will  spread around the world nervously and mindless …

Hence, I invite you to read the next map of events, that are knocking our doors already;

 The beginning of the events will start from the Pacific Ocean, where is the Far East and will progress toward the Middle East very quickly and will stop briefly in this region before returning to Asia again, and the political deviation, will move the new leadership of the world from Asia to Africa.

And at this time, predicted the fall of the European Union, if its countries continued their intransigence.

For the Arab nation who will determine their fate is Egypt. This is the only country capable by its policy on the survival and supporting its sisters of the Arab countries and to remain on their unity…

Here, let us send a warning ... Certainly to Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia ... I wish to take care of these alerts!

What is coming alarmingly and will happen only because of the unparalleled mindless decision are taken by these Arabic countries.

The solution is known and is not something new, but the decision is important ... unfortunately I do not see with the current governors of the Arab countries who is aware with the dangerous plot against them, as they help it strongly!

The only who I can claim is an exception man, is the President Abdel Fattah Sisi.... And this is not hypocritical to him ... I'm the one who criticize his economic policies but I confident in his scheme and how he can handle the future policy .So that

 President of Sisi is the only Arab leader who holds the key.

I will move quickly to the world's countries;

The next policy of the biggest countries will change completely and will be very different.

In other words, Turn the page and read it from the bottom to up and from east to west.

These countries who are seeking to progress and create kind of moderation in their policy will be Iran, India, China and Russia.

So don't expect any confrontation between them and USA.

In the opposite in the next years, world will witness more cooperation and international treatments among them, which will vanish any troubles.

As Africa;

They are almost survived, but some countries will face serious revolutions and coups and what I care about is Egypt, who must challenge more to keep its historical relations with the African…Especially after the running the Dam.

As for South America;

They have a significant problem, But with caution they will not be harmed by this new strategic systemic, so that it asks from them something of flexibility in dealing with the new heroes.

As for Europe;

I suggest they must re-read the work of William Shakespeare again to differentiate in between who is

The clown character and who is hero?!

The collapse of the European Union and the Euro currency within years, is something very expected…By the reading of the future political view in

France and Germany, it raises to my head one sentence "they will ask the exit of EU soon!

 Maybe my ideas are true, if certain leaders of right parties, chosen to be the next leaders.

 Especially who ask to exit from the EU under national slogans of the right to their country?

If Germany and France left EU others will follow...

 Then countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy would have an economic crisis raging and Greece will witness disputes with Turkey again about Cyprus...

Russia will unite with more of the eastern countries; there is a hypothesis back to an entity similar to the old Soviet Union!

There will be also a joined unit between US, UK and by some European countries.

At the end must return back to my country "Egypt"

Actually to save 92 millions people, is an extremely difficult task.

Directing all the state's efforts and concern in protecting security internally or externally in order to protect the state and the government and the system only, is already an important step, but Egypt is in need in future to something else, which is very important.

 So my question to the Egyptians and their president Abdel Fattah Al-sisi ;

Who is the most important now, Egypt or anything else?

With my question, let me end here by saying that the evil and the good are both sides of every human being and there is no ideal in politics.

The conscience of mankind only can make the difference.

Finally my word, don't fear of the future but prepare for it.


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