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23 May 2023 - London


The Cancer moon cozies up to Venus this morning, dear Aries, blessing your home with extra sweet vibes as you move through your routines. Be sure to show your housemates some extra love so everyone can head to work feeling supported and confident. Unfortunately, a harsh square between Luna and Mars may sully this mood, making it important that you fight to keep a positive outlook and belief in yourself. Keep your eyes peeled for small blessings when Luna aligns with Uranus just before afternoon rolls in, and consider doing something nice and unexpected for a family member to show you care.


The Cancer moon cozies up with Venus, your planetary ruler, this morning, bringing romantic energy to your mind and voice. Lean into these airy vibes by expressing sweet sentiments to the ones you love, but be sure to save a few kind words for yourself. Unfortunately, a harsh connection between Luna and Chiron could conjure negative thought patterns, so try not to be too hard on yourself. Luckily, Uranus will step in to bring some excitement to your day, and tantalizing gossip could land on your ears, though you should avoid repeating anything too personal or unkind.


The Cancer moon and Venus cozy up in your solar second house this morning, dear Gemini, putting you in a grounded and leisurely mood. Allow yourself to fully appreciate the beauty surrounding you, taking time to honor and indulge all five senses while moving through your routines. However, you'll need to snap out of it when Luna squares off with Chiron, especially if other people need your support or attention. Try to squeeze in a moment for solitude when Uranus becomes active just before afternoon rolls in, bringing genius ideas to your psyche.

The moon continues its journey through your sign this morning, dearest Crab, ushering in an abundance of good vibes as Luna cozies up to harmonious Venus. Breathe deeply, hug your loved ones, and take a moment to appreciate being alive, even if you only have a moment before your to-do list requires attention. Just try not to put too much pressure on yourself when Luna squares off with Chiron. Chance encounters could lead to new friendships when Uranus becomes active this afternoon, so don't be afraid to open up to someone if the bond feels immediate.


Try to start your day with a few quiet moments of meditation, dear Leo, as the Cancer moon connects with Venus and Chiron. These vibes will ask you to take space for healing, even if doing so eats into your traditional morning routine. Lean into your unconventional side when Luna aligns with Uranus this afternoon, encouraging you to transform by thinking outside the box or making new lifestyle choices. Try not to make any plans as the evening comes to a close, as you'll be eager for solitude and genuine relaxation before another work day sneaks up on you.

Your popularity will benefit from a subtle and harmonizing boost this morning, dear Virgo, as the Cancer moon cozies up with Venus. Lean into these vibes by connecting with your social media friends and colleagues, keeping your interactions short but sweet. Just try not to get sucked into major issues you're not ready to take on, taking care to guard against emotional dumping when Luna squares off with Chiron. Keep your eyes peeled for messages from beyond the veil when Uranus becomes active this afternoon, as the stars will be eager to surprise, delight, and guide you on your path.

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