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13, March 2023- New York


A sweetness will permeate the air in the very early hours this morning, dear Libra, ushering in pleasant dreams and restorative sleep. However, a more serious tone will take hold as you awaken, as the moon migrates into Capricorn and your solar fourth house. This cosmic climate will ask you to find composure in order to focus on your professional and domestic goals. However, it'll also be important that you nurture your emotions and personal needs. An opportunity could strike this afternoon when Luna aligns with the nodes of fate, so be sure to keep an open heart and mind when it comes to seeking growth.


The moon migrates into Capricorn and your solar third house this morning, dear Scorpio, sharpening your wits while adding weight to your words. These vibes are perfect for speaking evenly and with authority, clearly expressing ideas, needs, and desires. Meanwhile, a helping hand from Saturn will help you feel confident and strong within your skin, so be sure to pursue your goals with gusto. The nodes of fate will activate this afternoon, asking you to take a chance on love. Plan on working with an artistic outlet this evening when the Pisces sun cozies up to Neptune, opening the floodgates to your inspired mind.


The stars will conspire to boost your confidence and creativity as you sleep, dear Archer, allowing you to approach the day from a passionate and refreshed disposition. However, it'll be important that you stay grounded and move methodically once the moon enters Capricorn, asking you to connect with the present. Look for ways to get organized this afternoon when the nodes of fate become active, helping you strategize and move toward a brighter tomorrow. Plan on embracing relaxation from the comfort of home this evening when the Pisces sun cozies up to Neptune, blessing your space with dreamy vibes.


You should feel lighter and refreshed when you awaken this morning, dear Virgo, thanks to a sweet exchange between the Sagittarius moon and Venus while you were sleeping. Your ego will crave attention as you take on the day, as Luna migrates into Capricorn and your solar fifth house. Meanwhile, a helping hand from Saturn can help strengthen and stabilize your romantic life, so be sure to show some TLC to your latest crush or significant other. Dreamy vibes will flow this evening as the Pisces sun cozies up to Neptune, marking the perfect evening for a date night or self-care.


A quiet and contemplative energy will wash over you this morning, dearest Aquarius, as the moon migrates into Capricorn and the sector of your chart that governs introspection. These vibes are all about establishing boundaries so you can explore your own psyche, so be sure to direct your focus accordingly. You'll have an opportunity to make peace with your past while looking towards the future when the nodes of fate become active this afternoon, especially if you appreciate your journey and heart's truth. Give yourself permission to embrace luxury this evening when the sun cozies up to Neptune, encouraging you to treat yourself.

The universe will ask you to contribute to the betterment of society today, dear Pisces, as the moon enters Capricorn and your solar eleventh house. Whether you assist a neighbor, contribute to a local nonprofit, or donate old clothes, now is the time to pull your weight as a do-gooder. Luckily, the stars will reward these efforts with a boost to your popularity, and a helping hand from the nodes of fate could usher in chance encounters and opportunities to prosper this afternoon. Your aura will benefit from some superbly dreamy vibes this evening, helping you make a splash wherever you go.



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