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Set intentions around maintaining balance within your heart and mind this morning, dearest Aries, as the Libra moon blows a kiss to Mars. You'll be tempted to clock out of work early as Luna and Pluto share a harsh connection later in the afternoon, though shirking your responsibilities won't go over well with your colleagues. A cleansing energy will fill the air as the moon migrates into Scorpio, encouraging you to release any stress or worry that burdened your shoulders this work week. Opportunities to strengthen your social standing could come into play as the moon and Saturn aligns, especially if you stuck it out with your coworkers long enough to catch happy hour.


Your electronics might not prove as reliable as you're used to this morning, dear Taurus, as the Libra moon forms an unbalanced aspect with hazy Neptune. It would also be easy to lose track of time scrolling through your favorite online feeds, so be sure to keep a close eye on your agenda and the clock. Keep your eyes peeled for signs from beyond the veil when Luna connects with Pluto this afternoon, and be sure to communicate with your higher power if you begin to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, harmonious and sweet energy will find you when Luna enters Scorpio, helping you relax as the weekend begins.


Take a moment to recite positive affirmations to yourself this morning, dear Gemini or an unbalanced aspect between the Libra moon and Neptune could cause your confidence to falter. Watch out for jealousy within yourself and others later in the afternoon when Luna squares off with Pluto, taking care to protect your energy and positive disposition. You'll sense a shift this evening when the moon enters Scorpio, pushing you to up your wellness game as the weekend kicks off. Luckily, a helping hand from Saturn will allow you to set boundaries organically, allowing you to carve out time for yourself.


Tapping into your spirituality can help you resolve heavy emotions this morning, sweet Crab, marking the perfect occasion to kick off your day with a bit of meditation or prayer. Check-in with your heart later in the afternoon when Luna squares off with Pluto, threatening to trigger moodiness if you feel undervalued or haven't invested enough time into self-care recently. Luckily, the vibe will perk up as Luna drifts into Scorpio, triggering your playful side as the weekend begins. However, you'll find yourself in a more private mood as the witching hour nears, so try not to make any late-night plans that involve leaving the house.


You may have to fight a little harder for your focus this morning, dearest Lion, as the Libra moon forms an unbalanced aspect with hazy Neptune. Look for opportunities to release any mental clutter causing you to stray off task, focusing on your breath and mindful meditation as you cruise through the day. You'll feel drawn to the comforts of home as Luna migrates into Scorpio later in the day, setting you up for a weekend of home-cooked meals, redecorating, and catching up on any domestic chores you managed to elude throughout the work week.


The Libra moon aspects Mars and Neptune this morning, dear Virgo, pulling you in two separate directions. On the one hand, you'll feel motivated to get through your responsibilities so that you can enjoy the weekend. While on the other hand, daydreaming or indulging in your romantic fantasies could distract you from your agenda. An intimate yet socially open energy will permeate the air later in the afternoon when Luna migrates into Scorpio, encouraging you to scratch beyond surface-level interactions. Don't be afraid to ditch small talk in an effort to see someone's truth, especially where romantic entanglements are concerned.




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