Breakfast has always been the most important meal of the day, and currently scientists have

 found that it can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, but it depends on what you eat.


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World - November,20,2023


According to an investigation by scientists into plant foods, it was found that replacing an

 egg with a handful of nuts reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 17 percent.

According to reports, published in the journal "BMC Medicine" BMC Medicine, replacing one

 egg with 25 to 28 grams of nuts per day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 17 percent,

 diabetes by 18 percent, and premature death by 15 percent.

However, scientists have not concluded that eggs should be completely excluded from your


While some experts have long warned that eggs are bad for the heart, the issue has been up

 for debate as others say, more evidence is needed.

Heart disease has long been one of the most deadly diseases, as the British Heart

 Foundation reports that 460 people die every day and 48 thousand every year due to heart

 or vascular diseases.

The results shared by the German Diabetes Research Center show no benefit from replacing

 fish and seafood with vegetarian options, and there is no evidence that replacing dairy

 products can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. But replacing them with nuts is

 associated with a very small decrease in the risk of premature death.

They found that people who replaced 50 grams of processed meat - the equivalent of

 sausage-with an equivalent amount of legumes, lentils, chickpeas or beans had a 23 percent

 lower risk of dying from or having heart disease. The risk was even lower, by 27 percent,

 once they replaced processed meat with 28 to 50 grams of nuts.

This is confirmed by Dr. Sabrina Schlesinger, co-author of the review, to the newspaper "The

 Mail", saying that "many people start their day with an egg or french fries for breakfast, but

 the results of this analysis suggest that it may be better to replace these foods with plant

 foods". "There is also evidence that people can benefit from replacing poultry with plant-

based foods, although there is little evidence of replacing dairy products,"she added.


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