Another secret of the world painter Leonardo da Vinci's paintings was revealed, In a new study has revealed the reason behind the fastness of the color in his painting.

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2 May 2023

  The researchers revealed that the secret and the reason behind the painting brightness of painter Leonardo da Vinci and colors remaining unchanged is his usage of eggs.

New information revealed by scientists lies between the folds of these paintings. The painter Leonardo da Vinci used eggs. The famous Italian painter mixed egg yolks with the oil colors used in these paintings.
Why Da Vinci resorted to this idea?

The egg yolk in the paint helps the paintings hold up to moisture, preventing creasing and yellowing.
According to experts, adding eggs to oil paintings acts as an antioxidant, meaning this formula helps prevent paint from deteriorating.
This method also prevents the appearance of wrinkles on old paintings.

Thus, with a very small amount of egg yolk, artists can achieve amazing changes in the properties of the paint.
Da Vinci's idea prompted scientists to research the habits of international painters, perhaps there are ideas that may help preserve priceless artwork.

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