After a pause of more than five months, with the confirmation of the announcement of the resumption of negotiations by the Jeddah platform between the Sudanese army

and the "Rapid Support" forces within 72 hours, the pace of battles and military confrontations between the two parties increased in the Sudanese capital, and the sounds of

heavy artillery shelling and successive explosions near the perimeter of the Army General Command and the Armored Corps in the center and south of the capital, with

warplanes flying and bombing various targets in Khartoum state.


The UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution establishing an Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the situation in Sudan, and the resolution stressed the urgent need to investigate who committed human rights violations and where they occurred.


In a statement, the Malian army announced that its forces had managed to take control of a town located on the road to the city of Kidal, a stronghold of the forces of the rebels


The military coup in Niger announced its intention to try president Mohamed Bazoum on charges of “high treason” and”undermining the security” of the country.


The West African countries "ECOWAS" postponed an important meeting scheduled today on the deployment of an intervention force in Niger to restore


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