The crisis of migrants to the United States continues with a decisive desire by the Trump administration to stop this southern march that affects the economic and social life of the Americans ... The so-called resolute confrontation with immigrants and receiving weapons and the army was required to abide
The Russian Defense Ministry announced that one of its warships accompanied an Indian naval carrier in the Gulf of Aden to counter attacks by pirates in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean as part of its anti-piracy mission. In a statement issued today, the ministry said that the
Tel Aviv In a crucial decision to ensure the survival of Netanyahu's government threatened by the early elections, Minister of Education Naftali Bennett announced his retreat from the decision to withdraw, which he announced earlier, The Israeli government survived a possible collapse after a key partner retracted its threat
Prague Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babich announced his intention to coordinate with the Syrian government to establish an orphanage in Syria, which includes a nursery, a school and a playground for 150 children. Babich said in a statement that the children can stay in the house for a while
Edit by : Tony wild At Tuesday,Tabloid newspapers published a video on their websites on Tuesday, showing a very brutal violent scenes of an attack in one of the street in Birmingham where a group of attackers chased, kicked and slashed a young victim with machetes in front of
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