By/ Nada Ebrahim The spokesman for the Egyptian armed forces colonel Tamer El- Rifai announced on Thursday that The Egyptian Air Force managed to thwart an attempt to penetrate the western border and destroy 10 (4x4) vehicles laden with ammunition, weapons and materials smuggled across the Egyptian border. El-
By/ Nada Ebrahim Prime minister of Iraq haider al abadi announced Monday night that (Iraq refused discussing or dealt with the results of referendum which Kurdistan Region has done.Stressing on the Unconstitutional of referendum by Iraqi standards or even by the standards of the same region. President of Turkey
By /Milla Jonhson According to Reuters said Friday that Trump's administration is going to replace its controversial travel ban with a new order tailored on a country-by-country basis but affecting slightly more than the six nations now targeted, Reuters reported. The new rules would not have a stated end
By /Heide Julz The major set back U.S. technology firm ( Uber) that has become a big player in the cities of the world for transport system is banned from London according to a decision with withdrawing its licenses in the city. though the governmental condemns as there are
By /Christian Megan Two days ago, the Iranian president in his word before the UN assembly general summit said; "Iran has the right to have nuclear power,and US is wrong to withdraw of its treaty with Iran and now it can't be possible for any negotiations about the Iranian
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