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by |Abeer Almadawy Al-Azhar Alsharif congratulates the Palestinian people on completing the national reconciliation between the Fatah and Hamas movements, ending the division that lasted more than a decade, noting what the Palestinian brethren have shown to uphold the national interests over narrow sectarian interests. Al-Azhar hails the pivotal
Public Transport Authority (PTA) has confirmed that the Kingdom is at the forefront of the international scene in support of maritime safety and the security of the maritime transport environment through its great attention to countering the phenomenon of maritime piracy as its presence comes in line with its
By|Tony Wild North Korea's foreign minister Ri Yong declared very important statement imposing to the USA president and the American people...as he said to Russian agency for News Tass : " Donald Trump's bellicose rhetoric aimed at North Korea has pushed the US and the communist dictatorship to the
 By|Tony Wild Coalition talks to form a government in New Zealand were expected to wrap up Thursday but it could still be daysbefore results are made public, the leader of the minor populist party that holds the balance of power after inconclusive elections said, according to dpa.New Zealand First
By | Abeer AlMadawy The Saudi interior ministry recently published a statement that a royal palace had been attacked by a terrorist who killed two security men and was killed by policemen. Where the statement pointed out that at the dawn of Saturday, 17/1/1439 an attack by a gunman,
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