By|Tony Wild Italian police today arrested five Egyptian suspected smugglers who, according to eyewitness accounts, helped 264 migrants across the Mediterranean to reach Italy. Police officers, with the help of members of the Maritime Operations Department of the Financial Police and Gendarmerie, arrested five Egyptians on suspicion of transporting
Ankara- Edit by|Abeer Almadawy Deputy Chairman of the People's Party of the Republic of Turkey, opposition Turgut Ozal, said that Erdogan continues to deceive the Turkish people in all internal and external affairs. "Erdogan, who accuses all those who oppose him of treachery, conspiracy and cooperation with foreign lobbies,
Rome Reported by|Abeer Almadawy The Italian police declared a statement on Wednesday, about the arresting of an Egyptian young man belonging to the organization ISIL "Daesh" and accusing him with the international terrorism. Police said the Egyptian man, 22, who lives in Italy illegally, "a single attacker, ready to
Abu Dhabi - In a quick move to the case of British spy Matthew Hedges in the United Arab Emirates, where he was detained on charges of spying ... The Court of Appeal of Abu Dhabi in a session sentenced on Wednesday to life imprisonment for the British Matthew
Washington A senior Democrat has called for an investigation with The senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump’s for using her personal email account for official government business. A White House review of Trump’s emails showed that The Adviser used her personal email to correspond with federal government staff, cabinet
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