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 By|Christian Megan You don't think that Singapore has the most powerful passport ,do you? Actually, it is....A new powerful passport has been revealed recently According to the Passport Index, Singapore has the world’s most powerful passport. and it takes number one as the top of using a very secured
Today Mr. president Donald Trump has answered on the questions of the journalists at the white house and Delivered a Statement Upon his Departure. Trump talked about numbers of issues as the critical case of ISIS attacks , Russia file, Clinton accusation and attack and others issues he also
London Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supports the position of US President Donald Trump on Iran, saying that the nuclear agreement contains several shortcomings.This came during his participation today in a panel discussion organized by the British Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham
By| Abeer Al-Madawy At the Egyptian-French summit in Paris, Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al-sisi and his French counterpart , Emmanuel Macaron, held a press conference after the end of the talks, in which he stressed the importance of the Franco-Egyptian relations and the positive role attributed to that relationship
By|Christian Megan Following to the crisis Trump administration law against immigration , millions of Latin American who are US protected and TPS , will be forced to go back to their original homes where most of them are working in USA.. In monday late Hundreds of thousands of people
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