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By|Abeer Almadawy Cairo - 25 - 11- 2017 Egyptian Attorney General announced today the rise of the martyrs of the attack on the mosque in Al-Rawda in Bir al-Abed near of Al-Arish city,north of Sinai to 305, including 28 children under the age of ten and injured 128 people
Rome - Tripoli By|Hue Gey Thursday appeared to be a stormy day for illegal immigrants as Italy and Libya announced rescue operations for illegal immigrants. Rome was the first where the Italian Coast Guard announced on Wednesday the bodies of seven migrants were found on boats off the coastIn
United Nations (United States) - AFP The report of a UN committee confirmed on Thursday the responsibility of President Bashar al-Assad's regime for a deadly attack by sarin gas on the Syrian city of Khan Sheikun in last April . "The Commission is confident that the Syrian Arab Republic
By |Abeer Al-Madawy The hate speech is widespread in the country, especially against the Rohingyas, said Yangui Lee, the UN's human rights commissioner in Myanmar. After presenting her report to the General Assembly, Lee told a news conference in New York that the hate speech amounted to incitement attacks
By|Christian Megan Today, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump participated in an event at the White House discussing the opioid crisis.Where the first Lady said a very sensitive word about the Opioid epidemic is effected on more than 2 millions Americans nationwide and the number continues to rise
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