Paris Tony Wilde After eight weeks of rebellion against the French government by the movement of yellow jackets who reject economic measures from President Macron , French Prime Minister said today that the government would support "a new law that punishes those who do not respect the requirement to
Washington - NBC President Donald Trump has ordered to send a troop of 80 military to Gabon among fears of violent because of the elections. According to a letter dated Friday, the troops sent to Gabon would be tasked with securing U.S. citizens and diplomatic facilities in neighboring Congo
Reported by| Abeer Almadawy As Egypt today is celebrating with the opening of 2 mega projects in the administrative capital city, the first the opening of the Mosque" Alftah Alalem" the largest in the world, and the second is the opening of the Cathedral birth of the Christ ,
(ANSA) - Rome Italy lives the worst weather todays because of the the freeze wave that hit the country and caused huge damages to the streets in the cities and the international roads. As the The Italian Meteorological Agency said a wave of snow hit the country that cut
ANSA) - Milan Though the freezing times but fires hit the woods and destroyed about 100 hectares on Mt Martica near Varese since last night, fire fighters said Friday. Fire teams are carrying on operations to try to turn off the fire , they said. A Canadair is dumping
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