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   After the visit of His Majesty King Salman bin Abdul Aziz to Russia, it is considered the first, largest and most successful at all, where many agreements were signed in all fields. The meetings of the Saudi-Russian Joint Governmental Committee were held on Thursday with the participation of a number of Saudi and Russian companies representing many sectors Economic priority on the agenda of economic cooperation between the two countries

Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation affirmed on Monday their keenness to activate areas of cooperation in various sectors and their joint desire to activate the agreements, memoranda and programs signed during the visit of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the Russian Federation last month.

It is well known that the cooperation and investment prospects between Saudi Arabia and Russia reached a total of 25 billion dollars in a number of fields. A memorandum of understanding was signed to establish a joint fund worth $ 1 billion to implement projects in the energy sector.

The two sides also discussed cooperation in the joint technical team and the recently signed road map in Moscow, as well as studying the expansion of cooperation between the Public Investment Fund and the Russian Fund for direct investment in a number of investment fields in both countries. For educational institutions.

In the field of agriculture and food security, the two sides stressed cooperation in the export of animal products to the Kingdom and welcomed the participation of Russian companies specialized in grain trade in the Kingdom's tenders for the supply of barley and wheat to the Saudi market as well as cooperation in the fields of health, technical and vocational training.

At the conclusion of the fifth session of the joint Saudi-Russian committee in Riyadh, the two sides stressed the two countries' resolve to promote industrial cooperation through joint efforts and initiatives in various fields, including the aluminum industry.

On the other hand, the Saudi-Russian Business Council held a meeting in the presence of the Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr. Majid al-Kasabi, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, and the Governor of the General Authority for Investment Eng. Ibrahim Al-Omar, during which he discussed economic cooperation relations and mechanisms for their development.

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United Nations

  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stressed the need to alleviate the suffering of the Rohingya Muslim minority.
It called on the international community and member states of the United Nations to stand against violations against them and to urge the government of Myanmar to respect its international obligations and commitments.

This came in the kingdom's statement today at the United Nations commenting on the report of the crimes committed against the Rohingya. The statement was delivered by the Organization Affairs Officer of the Permanent Delegation of the Kingdom to the United Nations Faisal Al-Haqbani.

The Saudi official said that the kingdom had been one of the first countries to support the cause of the Muslims of Myanmar in international forums and organizations.
He added that "Since 1948, my country has started to host them, and now they are more than 300,000 living in the kingdom ...

The Kingdom is also one of the first countries to intervene in the Muslim Rohingya minority crisis through King Salman Humanitarian Relief and Humanitarian Center and has sent more than 100 tons of aid to Rohingya in Bangladesh ... The Kingdom has also provided approximately 66 million dollars in support for Rohingya refugees over the last 10 years and has committed $ 20 million."

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Public Transport Authority (PTA) has confirmed that the Kingdom is at the forefront of the international scene in support of maritime safety and the security of the maritime transport environment through its great attention to countering the phenomenon of maritime piracy as its presence comes in line with its responsibility towards its coastline extending to 2,400 km on the Red Sea in the Kingdom's west and extends 1000 km to its east on the coast of the Arabian Gulf.

The Authority explained in a statement that this global distinguished presence of the Kingdom is based on its membership in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and its membership in the International Anti-Piracy Group and its task forces.

It said that the world is also witnessing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's continuous efforts to promote regional and international action to combat piracy in the region's countries to achieve its interests and the interests of the neighboring countries, as well as supporting brotherly and friendly countries in confronting the difficulties associated with combating piracy and its grave crimes.


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After years of Saudi suspension of flight over Iraq, NASS are returning strongly at a historic moment that signals the development of relations between the two countries


Saudi Arabia's NASS Aviation said in a statement on Wednesday it would launch new flights to Iraq in the coming weeks.

"This is a historic moment for us as the first Saudi airline to land on the brotherly land of Iraq after this long interruption," said Bandar Al-Muhanna, chief executive officer of Nas Air, adding: "We look forward to strengthening brotherly relations between the two countries."

Flights from major airports in Saudi Arabia to a number of Iraqi cities will begin after about a quarter of a century of Saudi commercial flights to Iraqi airports.

Bandar Al Muhanna said sales tickets would be available on the company's website and smart phone applications within a few days.

"These flights are expected to attract many individuals and businesses, thanks to the appropriate prices and dates for flights, and the network of flights linking major airports to Saudi Arabia's various domestic destinations.

Kingdom Holding has earlier announced that its 34.08% Nass Airline has completed an agreement with Airbus to purchase aircraft worth SAR 32.25 billion.

Founded in 1999, NAS is the largest shareholder in the group, followed by Kingdom Holding Company (KHC). The Group operates in the field of air services. Four subsidiaries operate under its umbrella: Nass Jets, NAS Tech, "Nas Air", and "Nass Aviation Inc


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The Saudi interior ministry recently published a statement that a royal palace had been attacked by a terrorist who killed two security men and was killed by policemen.

Where the statement pointed out that at the dawn of Saturday, 17/1/1439 an attack by a gunman, saudi nationality ,28 years when he opened fire on the guards of the palace "Alsalam" of Peace in Jeddah,the terrorist killed 2 policemen from the guards and wounded other 3...then police treated with attacker and killed him in the same place.


The statement by the saudi interior ministry said:

a terrorist attack was exposed to a guard post outside the Royal Guard in front of the western gate of the Palace of Peace in Jeddah, to start shooting  from one person who got out of a car driven by a type of Honda bearing plate No. 6081), and was immediately treated by the Royal Guard as required by the situation, resulting in his death in the same place immediately.

The terrorist shot 2 policemen and resulted in this cowardly act the martyrdom of both of them, ans they are 

   the first soldier Agent Sergeant / Hammad bin Shalah al-Mutairi, and  the second Agent Sergeant Abdullah bin Faisal al-Subaie (may God have mercy on them) and accept them as  martyrs, and the wounding of: (Corporal / Walid bin A Ali Shami, the first soldier / Ahmed Saleh Al-Qarni, and the first soldier / Abdullah Hindi Al-Subaie), where they are currently receiving the necessary treatment .

According to the Interior Ministry's security spokesman, it was clear from the proceedings of the identity of that person that he is Saudi nationality , his name is "Mansur bin Hassan bin Ali al-Fahid al-Amiri", a 28-year-old , was seized with three Kalashnikov submachine guns Maltov. And the security authorities are still conducting their investigations and will announce what is emerging later.


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  During the historic visit of the Saudi King, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques announced the completion of the purchase of weapons from Russia for the defense system S-400 missiles

Washongton expressed its worries about its allies who buy the Russian weapons so the Spokeswoman Michael Baldenza said 

"We are concerned about the purchase of some of our allies for the S-400 system, because we have repeatedly stressed the importance of maintaining operational conformity (of allied regimes),".

US Defense Department spokeswoman Michael Baldenza at a press conference Thursday evening. Said that Washington is worrying about allies who bought other weapons systems rather than the United States system .

It is known that Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region have implemented major military deals with Russia.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Qatar have signed deals to buy Russian advanced weapons recently the matter that  led to an exaggerated American worry ,because These countries are considered its allies.

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