In a comment for US president Doland Trump said the British Prime Minister Teresa May's Brexit agreement  with the European Union could threaten a US-British trade deal, US President Donald Trump said on Monday.

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By /Milla Jonhson

   According to Reuters  said Friday that Trump's administration is going to replace its controversial travel ban with a new order tailored on a country-by-country basis but affecting slightly more than the six nations now targeted, Reuters reported.

The new rules would not have a stated end date, with countries facing the potential of being added or removed from the list at any time, according to the Journal, which cited people familiar with the process.
The Department of Homeland Security's plan would replace U.S. President Donald Trump's earlier executive order that banned travelers from six Muslim-majority countries and limited refugee admissions. The March 6 order suspended travel for people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days and locked out most aspiring refugees for 120 days.
That ban, which took effect in June, is now before the Supreme Court where it faces a key hearing over its constitutionality in October. The 90-day ban expires on Sunday, while the refugee ban expires on Oct. 24.
Trump's administration has said the ban is critical to national security, while opponents have argued it violates the U.S. Constitution's religious protections.
The first version of Trump's order, signed in January, sparked protests and chaos at airports worldwide before it was blocked by U.S. courts. The administration replaced it with a new version in March in response to the legal challenges.
"The Trump administration will ensure we only admit those who can be properly vetted and will not pose a threat to national security or public safety," a White House official said when asked about the Journal's story on Friday.

source /agencies 

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By/ Heide Julz 

After a phone call between the two leaders Of USA Donald Trump and the Canadian Justin Trudeau ,they discussed during it to start the work with their deal of NAFTA ( North America Free Trade Agreement) at the end of this year 2017 ,according to the White House declaration who said ;

the tripartite agreement between Canada, the United States and Mexico is going to be launched by the end of the year 2017.

As the common target had been reached .
The two leaders also discussed the ongoing NAFTA renegotiation and stressed their hope to reach an agreement by the end of this year," a White House statement said.

Trump had earlier suggested that he could soon begin the process of terminating NAFTA and accusing Mexico of "being difficult" in talks to rework the decades old deal.

"NAFTA is one of the worst trade deals ever signed at any time anywhere in the world, and I can understand why Mexico is being difficult, because why wouldn't they be? They've had it their way," Trump said on Monday.

The three countries will resume their negotiations on Friday in Mexico City.
Negotiators of Canada, Mexico and the US kicked off their first round of trade talks early in August 2017 ,trying to fast-track a deal to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by early next year.



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by :Abeer Almadawy 

  • The White House said in a statement released on Friday that president Donald Trump has signed a new financial sanctions on Venezuela


Are Russia's Partners and its fellow countries in the world became a new Arabic spring movie but  in the South America?

A question would like to have an answer,as world is looking to the Huge fight between USA and Venezuela that is has appeared recently,since the elections for ANC in Venezuela, no soon huge demonstrations broke up,calling the fallout of president Venezuelan President Nicolas Madur....

USA stands as usual stands by the opposition and since then it is supporting them,and imposed numbers financial sanctions on Caracas .

Actually it is unknown the hidden reason behind Washington and Trump's administration to fight Venezuela and the president Nicolas Madrur, but it revealed that most of the scenes are examples of what happened in Middle East with their false Arabic spring which had fallen out number of presidents in Tunis,Egypt,Yemen and soon or later in Syria!


Back to the file of Sanctions against Caracas, it starts after the election for ANC , when On July 31, Washington blacklisted Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, one day after elections.


 Then it followed by another sanction On Aug. 9, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on eight Venezuelan individuals involved in the creation of the controversial ANC.


Today , the White House said in a statement released on Friday that president Donald Trump has signed a new financial sanctions on Venezuela.

The new sanctions will prohibit dealings in new debt and equity issued by the government of Venezuela and its oil company, according to the statement.

"It also prohibits dealings in certain existing bonds owned by the Venezuelan public sector, as well as dividend payments to the government of Venezuela," it added.

The new sanctions did not mention cutting off US imports of Venezuelan oil, which could be critical to Venezuela's economy as well as US oil refiners.

After months of frequently violent, anti-government demonstrations in Caracas, a National Constituent Assembly was voted in, replacing the opposition-controlled parliament, which prompted Washington to impose sanctions on Venezuela.

It seems the same scenario of the movie of revolutions that hit the world since the Arabic spring in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Syria, now it moves to the South America countries , special who isn't an USA strategic partnership!


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By/ Tony Wild

The White House declared that Mr president of US Donald Trump has signed a new 

sanctions bill on Russia ,over the accusation of being interfered in the latest US election 2016 and the suspect of being behind the victory of the current president Donald Trump ,Wednesday.
According to Reuters said
The U.S. Congress voted last week by overwhelming margins for sanctions to punish the Russian government over interference in the 2016 presidential election, annexation of Ukraine's Crimea and other perceived violations of international norms.
Trump, who has made clear he wanted to improve relations with Russia, grudgingly accepted the new congressional sanctions, which also included Iran and North Korea. The bill had enough support in Congress to override a presidential veto.
Trump's signing of the bill followed some conflicting signals from the administration in recent days about the sanctions.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters on Tuesday that he and Trump did not believe the new sanctions would "be helpful to our efforts" on diplomacy with Russia. Vice President Mike Pence said that the bill showed Trump and Congress were speaking "with a unified voice."
White House adviser Kellyanne Conway confirmed the signing during an interview with Fox News.


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By /Abeer Almadawy

   This news has taken the most rated sighting at the last 15 hours...

All newspapers , television and social media talked about and shared.

The news is about U.S president Donald Trump who wrote a tweet about the ex-FBI James Comey who presented his confession to the Senate about Russia's breakthrough in Trump's presidential campaign.

Mr.president Trump comments on Comey with strong tone,as he described him with cowardly 

: “I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. Totally illegal? Very 'cowardly!’” President Trump tweeted


Comey, in his appearance before the Senate panel Thursday, said he decided to write memos for the FBI after his meetings and phone calls with Trump because he didn’t trust the president to tell the truth.

He testified that he asked a friend to share the memos' contents with a reporter in the hopes that the disclosure would prompt the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

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