The new Corona virus has claimed 1039 lives in 24 hours in Brazil, in the fourth toll of more than a thousand daily deaths in the largest country in Latin America since the epidemic outbreak began to accelerate last week.

And Brazil, which has become the new epicenter of the epidemic, recorded until Tuesday evening the death of 24,512 people out of 391,222 people infected with the virus, according to ministry figures.

However, the scientific community in the country considers these figures much less than the reality, and this is due to the authorities not doing enough laboratory tests to reveal the true number of the injured.

And since 5 days, Brazil has recorded a daily death toll from the virus that exceeds that recorded in the United States, the country most affected in the world by "Covid 19", whether in terms of the number of infections (about 1.7 million infections), or deaths (about 99 thousand deaths).

In a country of 210 million people, the health system in the two states most affected by the epidemic, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, is on the verge of collapse, as is the case in a number of states in the north and northeast.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health announced on Monday that it will keep its recommendation to use the drug "Hydroxychloroquine" to treat "Covid 19" patients, although the World Health Organization recommended, in a preventive measure, to temporarily suspend the clinical trials of this drug.

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By ... Nadeemy Haded


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