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The Venezuelan embassy was attacked that led to the burning of large parts of the building and the injury of diplomatic personnel there in a disastrous move after the suspension of Venezuelan relations with Peru.

The Venezuelan FM minister wrote on Twitter after the embassy of his country was severely assaulted in Peru and injured at the Venezuelan embassy:

"We put the responsibility on the Peruvian government in terms of the attack on our diplomatic personnel and our embassy in Lima, which has been subjected to several attacks today, including a group of outlaws who entered the building.

Earlier in the day, the Peruvian government summoned the interim commissioner in Venezuela after Nicolas Maduro took office until 2025.

As The Peruvian government describes the new Maduro period as illegitimate and put all its fully supports to the National Assembly - the one-seat parliament of the country, which is controlled by the opposition but effectively excluded from the political life of the country.

The Peruvian Foreign Ministry confirmed the ban on Maduro himself and 100 officials from his administration from entering the country, and also banned banking institutions in Peru from establishing ties with financial institutions in Venezuela.

On Thursday, Nicolas Maduro was sworn in as Venezuela's president for 2019-2025. Modoro won a new six-year term in Venezuela's May 20, 2018 election, but his main rivals rejected the election results, Referring to widespread irregularities.

Source: Sputnik


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