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Washington by :Abeer Almadawy The White House said in a statement released on Friday that president Donald Trump has signed a new financial sanctions on Venezuela Are Russia's Partners and its fellow countries in the world became a new Arabic spring movie but in the South America? A question
SOUTH CHINA SEA A short time ago about the US navy said a collision between USS John S. McCain with tanker in Pacific which injured 5 and at least 10 are missing. the declaration said; -The guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) was involved in a collision
By / Tony Wild After decades of years on the sinking of US warship Indianapolis at World War II, an important discovery was revealed today says that USS Indianapolis was discovered on Friday below the surface of the Pacific Ocean and somewhere in the Philippine Sea, away more than
By/ Tony Wild The White House declared that Mr president of US Donald Trump has signed a new sanctions bill on Russia ,over the accusation of being interfered in the latest US election 2016 and the suspect of being behind the victory of the current president Donald Trump ,Wednesday.According
‏ U.S. Marine Corps KC-130 refueling plane was crashed Monday evening and killed at least five while there is a doubt that the number may reach nine on its board as the Authorities in Mississippi said.The statement of the Officials declared that there's no confirmed information on the reasons
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