WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House's refusal to cooperate with Congress in investigating possible moves to isolate President Donald Trump is "an attempt to conceal facts illegally," the US House of Representatives said on Tuesday.

Council President Nancy Pelosi said in a statement on Tuesday that the White House's declaration of refusal to cooperate was "simply another attempt to hide the facts about the shameful efforts of the Trump administration to pressure foreign powers to intervene in the 2020 elections."

The White House told Congress that it refuses to cooperate with the ongoing investigation in the House of Representatives, considering that this investigation lacks constitutional legitimacy.

"Your investigation lacks the foundations of constitutional legitimacy or the slightest impartiality of neutrality," White House lawyer Pat Cipoloni said in a letter to Pelosi, adding that under these circumstances, "President Trump will not allow his administration to participate in this biased investigation."

"You are trying to cancel the results of the 2016 elections and deprive the Americans of the president they freely chose," Siboloni said.

"In light of the many gaps we have identified in your procedures, we hope that you will abandon your current vain efforts to launch isolation measures and join the president in focusing on the many goals that matter to Americans," he said.

The White House protested in particular that the House of Representatives did not hold a formal vote to launch the investigation.

Source: AFP

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