US President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that the United States would designate "AnTiva" as a terrorist organization.

"America will classify Antiva as a terrorist organization," Trump said in a tweet on his official Twitter account. Without adding more details.

The US president accuses Antiva of causing chaos in the country. He said earlier on Twitter, "It is Antiva and the radical left. Don't blame others!"

Trump's announcement comes amid violent protests across the country, rejecting police brutality after the death of a black man who appeared in a video clip trying to breathe while a white policeman kneeling on his neck in Minneapolis.

Antifah is a word that denotes the "anti-fascist" principle.

"Antiva" is a secret movement, and it has no known central administration, nor registered members, and they usually organize their movements spontaneously, out of the eyes of the security men and the police.

The movement aims to combat racism, capitalism and discrimination. Her style tends to be violent during protests.

Although the "Antiva" movement reappeared with the arrival of President Trump to the White House, its roots are long history, and political literature dates back to the period after the First World War.

The movement first appeared in Italy to fight fascism there in its beginnings in the year 1919, which was accompanied by the escalation of repression of socialist and workers' associations in the country at the time.

The movement's main members often appear masked, active in many US states, and say they seek to protect their societies from the extreme right and neo-Nazis.

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By ... Nadeemy Haded

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