By:Nadeemy Haded

In a sudden development of the resounding case, British media reported that the wife of the US official, who is asking London to hand her over due to a fatal traffic accident, holds a senior position in the CIA.

The Mail on Sunday newspaper reported in a report published today, Sunday, that the lady, Ann Sakulas, who fled the United Kingdom in the aftermath of the traffic accident that caused the death of a British teenager in late August and Washington refused London's request to hand her over, is actually holding a high-ranking position At the CIA.

The newspaper quoted sources in Washington and London as confirming that Sakolas, the mother of three children, is a prominent CIA operative, but American sources stressed that the woman did not engage in any espionage activities in the United Kingdom, but a security source told the newspaper: "You cannot leave work in The CIA is actually a day. "

And one of the sources indicated that this woman holds a higher position in the American intelligence services than her husband Jonathan, who is also an intelligence officer.

The newspaper pointed out that Sakolas was registered upon her arrival in the United Kingdom as the wife of an American official working in the country, without any official role for her, but prominent persons in the British government confirmed their knowledge of her role in the CIA.

The Sakoulas car, which was driving in the wrong direction, collided on the night of August 27th, with a motorbike, which was driven by a 19-year-old British youth, Harry Dan, which led to his death, near Northamptonshire Air Force Base, where the lady's husband was working.

The governments of Britain and the United States recognize that Sakolas, who left the country after days of the incident, was then granted diplomatic immunity, but her escape and Washington's subsequent refusal to extradite her caused a wide resonance and cast a shadow over the relations between the two countries, while the family of the deceased British youth led an active campaign aimed at returning Sakolas to the country And brought to justice.


Source: Mail on Sunday

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