By: Nadeemy Haded

A video recording, published by American media, revealed that President Donald Trump requested the dismissal of the US ambassador to Ukraine, the main figure in the ongoing trial to remove the president.

The footage was recorded during a dinner for donors in the campaign campaign in April 2018 in a hotel and was revealed to the media lawyer and defendant Lev Barnas, partner Rudi Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer.

Barnas and his partner Igor Froman are key figures in the campaign that Trump is accused of pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden, his potential opponent in the upcoming presidential election.

This case is essential in the ongoing trial to remove the president in the US Senate.

Trump ordered the expulsion of Ambassador Jovanovic after Parnas informed him that it was an obstacle, and said she had spoken lightly of the president.

"Get rid of her!" Trump says in the recording, apparently addressing one of his aides at a dinner table. "Take it out tomorrow. I don't care. Take it out tomorrow, take it out. Do you agree? Do it."

These footage, recorded from a narrow angle, came at the start of the hour and 23 minutes of video. The background looks bleak as if the camera was covered, but Trump's voice is clear.

In a television interview with MSNBC News last week, Barnas said Trump "was aware of what was going on precisely" about his efforts and those of Froman pressuring the Ukrainian authorities to investigate Biden.

Barnas appeared in the interview after the Democrats published documents that revealed that Giuliani had worked with him to press Kiev to investigate Biden.

Parnas and Fromman were charged last October with violating election campaign financing laws

Documents revealed that the two men are working with Ukrainian officials, trying to expel Jovanovich, the respected professional diplomat dismissed by Trump in May 2019.

"More surprises"

The new video recording confirms much of what Barnas said in his television interview, including that he knew Trump, which the president denied.

In October, Jovanovic testified before the Congress, explaining that she had been dismissed because of "false allegations without foundation, by people whose motives are clearly questionable."

Barnas' lawyer, Joseph Bondi, said he had provided evidence to investigators in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

He told CNN that Barnas has more records and pictures that may be revealed to the public.

The publication of the tape increases pressure on Senators to call witnesses as part of the trial, a measure that many Americans strongly support, according to many opinion polls.

White House attorneys began defending Trump, presenting their arguments at the trial on Saturday.

They asserted that the president made no mistake in his dealings with Ukraine, and that it was the US voters, not the Congress, who must decide his fate.

Trump's lawyers will resume the arguments on Monday

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