By: Nadeemy Haded

US President Donald Trump has mocked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling her crazy.

"Nancy Pelosi has just stated that it is dangerous to allow voters to determine the fate of Trump," Trump tweeted on his official Twitter page.

"In other words, she thinks I will win and she doesn't want to let the voters decide," he said. "She wants to change our voting system. Wow, she's crazy!"

Trump's remarks came against the backdrop of Pelosi's dialogue with "CBS", during which she called on President Trump to personally testify in the House of Representatives, in the context of achieving the isolation launched by the Democrats in the House, noting that "all opportunities available to him to raise his case ".

The speaker of the US House of Representatives renewed a comparison between Trump and former Republican President Richard Nixon, saying that Nixon, who was followed by the eavesdropping scandal on the Democratic Party headquarters and the subsequent cover-up, at least interested in his country, as he preferred to leave power before being questioned in Congress.

"What Trump did was a lot worse than Richard Nixon did," she said.

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives Intelligence Committee will hold public hearings in the second week of Trump's impeachment, and a number of key witnesses, including US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sunland, are due to appear in the coming days.

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