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Middle East

The Saudi national campaign " save our brothers in Syria " works to provide clean water suitable for drinking by saving several water treatment stations to meet the needs of the Syrian refugee on the border with Turkey And so they struggle hardly to find the best instruments and
The implementation of the noble royal family's orders, has approved the national comprehensive movement to track the illegal residence system and to seize them, but also to protect the border security system plan of the Kingdom , giving the foreigners a chance to leave the kingdom at their own
reported by Abeer Al-Madawy Sana'a Two years after the war in Yemen between the coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia in the face of the Houthis and the forces of President Ali Saleh led by Iran ,are the reason that led to the current humanitarian situation in the country
Paris Humans are cheaper than a mosquito, that is the way Khomeini thinks and deals with . The Iranian regime is the cause of terrorism, revolutions and assassinations in the region, and its human history with minorities is shameful.Chairman of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies,
Tel Aviv After the expiration of his sixteen-month sentence for bribery and corruption, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was released on Monday after two-thirds of his sentence ordered by the court Olmert, 71, was convicted in 2014 of accepting bribes from real estate and land officials when he was
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