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By/ Nada Ebrahim Prime minister of Iraq haider al abadi announced Monday night that (Iraq refused discussing or dealt with the results of referendum which Kurdistan Region has done.Stressing on the Unconstitutional of referendum by Iraqi standards or even by the standards of the same region. President of Turkey
 BY /Abeer Almadawy In a strongly condemns Dr Ahmad AlTayab Sheikh Al-Zahar ,the terrorist attack on a subway station in London on Friday, which resulted in a number of casualties. Al-Azhar stresses that these terrorist operations emphasize the need for a genuine international will to confront the terrorist organizations
By / Abeer Almadawy Cairo As kind of follow up with continuous observation by Egypt and AlAzhar Alsherief of the sorrow massacres against Rohiga Muslim who are facing public violence in Miyanmar,Egypt called today for an emergency meeting to be hold on today. According to Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Counselor
Egypt announces the discovery of a New Kingdom tomb that belongs to god Amun's Goldsmith, Amenemhat (Kampp 390) and a burial shaft housing the mummy of a lady and her two children. Luxor Governor, Mohamed Badr attended the announcement ceremony as well as Members of Parliament and a group
By /Abeer Almadawy Cairo President of Egypt Abdul Fattah Sisi confirmed Egypt's insistence on the immediate start of the construction of the Dabaa nuclear station, which he paid special attention to it. H.E. Mr president Abdul Fattah Alsisi in a meeting with Dr. Alexei Lechachov, the new president of
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