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Middle East

Reported by |Abeer Almadawy Few days ago the spokesman of the Egyptian army released a video shows an impossible mission for a brave army officer who noticed a car occupied by number of terrorist belong to ISIL and he suspected in them as suicide bomber. The army vehicle moved
By|Hue Gey After the declaration of US PRESIDENT Donald Trump to pass new Sanctions on Iran for its nuclear system that threaten the world with... Today IRAN’S President Hassan Rouhani respond on this threat by saying that his country will respond if US legislation imposing sanctions on people involved
by / Abeer Almadawy Manole Macaron, the French president, successfully held reconciliation and peace talks on Tuesday in a joint meeting bringing together the conflicting parties in Libya.Where the French president met with President Fayez Al-Sarraj, head of the National Reconciliation Government in Libya, and General Khalifa Hafter, Commander-in-Chief
By / Tony Wild:Cairo A number of Egyptian security men were martyred today in one of the places in the city of Al-Badrasheen in Giza on Friday 14 July 2017. The Ministry of Interior, headed by Minister Majdi Abdel Ghaffar, called for quick investigation into the terrorist incident that
Spokesman for the Libyan Naval Forces Brigadier Bahar Ayoub Kassem said that the Libyan Coast Guard was able to rescue some 140 illegal immigrants of different nationalities, while crossing the sea on their way to ItalyHe said that during the combing of the Libyan coast in the border region,
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