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Middle East

Cairo: the Ministry of Antiquities succeeded to stop an illegal smuggling attempt of six artifacts date to the 18th century. According to Ahmed Al-Rawi Head of the Central Administration of Seized Antiquities Units at the Ministry declared today that Hurghada Ports Authority, with the collaboration of the Ports Antiquities
By / Nada Ebrahem The Italian Foreign Affairs Minister Angelino alfano stated Monday that return of Italian ambassador to Egypt after a year from his summon over killing Julio Regene. Alfano added that The Italian government remains committed to clarifying the circumstances of Julio's tragic disappearance. He also confirmed
By Abeer Almadawy Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of the government's mini-cabinet made a provocative visit to the Palestinian territories in the West Bank, where they visited the town of Hebron on Wednesday, to ensure the latest construction of the separation wall between the Palestinian and Israeli
The US on Wednesday officially set a September 1 start date for a ban prohibiting its citizens from traveling to North Korea. "The Department of State has determined that the serious risk to United States nationals of arrest and long-term detention represents imminent danger to the physical safety of
By; Hue Gey Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, MK Nawa Boker, who belongs to the Israeli right-wing Likud party, called for discussing the legislation of a law guaranteeing the execution of Palestinians who prove their commitment to operations that claim the lives of innocent Israelis.His deputy said in Hebrew
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