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Middle East

RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia said on Thursday it had dismantled an Islamic State cell in the capital Riyadh, in connection with a plot to launch a suicide attack on the defence ministry. Two militants were killed and five others arrested in raids on three locations on Wednesday, an
By| By|Abeer Almadawy The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the killing of 38 civilians from the town of Deir al-Zour by the regime and the Russian forces who are purging against the militias of the Islamic organization "Daesh". The report mentioned that the hundreds fled for fear of
By/ Nada Ebrahim The spokesman for the Egyptian armed forces colonel Tamer El- Rifai announced on Thursday that The Egyptian Air Force managed to thwart an attempt to penetrate the western border and destroy 10 (4x4) vehicles laden with ammunition, weapons and materials smuggled across the Egyptian border. El-
By/ Nada Ebrahim Prime minister of Iraq haider al abadi announced Monday night that (Iraq refused discussing or dealt with the results of referendum which Kurdistan Region has done.Stressing on the Unconstitutional of referendum by Iraqi standards or even by the standards of the same region. President of Turkey
 BY /Abeer Almadawy In a strongly condemns Dr Ahmad AlTayab Sheikh Al-Zahar ,the terrorist attack on a subway station in London on Friday, which resulted in a number of casualties. Al-Azhar stresses that these terrorist operations emphasize the need for a genuine international will to confront the terrorist organizations
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