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By|Christian Megan

      Following to the crisis Trump administration law against immigration , millions of Latin American who are US protected  and TPS , will be forced to  go back to their original homes where most of them are working in USA..

In monday late Hundreds of thousands of people from El Salvador, Haiti and Honduras  who are forced to return home though their legal residency,were demonstrated at  a DHS office in Washington on Monday evening. Throughout the day, some met with congressional members and staff. The National TPS Alliance wants Congress to craft legislation that would allow TPS holders to have permanent legal status. A hunger strike was planned for later in the week. 

TPS means " Temporary Protected Status " who have the right to stay in US but under the new law ,they maybe back homes.Expiration dates for the protection vary by country, with Nicaragua and Honduras facing Jan. 5 expiration dates. DHS decisions on whether they'll get extensions are expected by Nov. 6.

TPS is granted by the Department of Homeland Security to people already in the U.S. from countries suffering political or environmental conditions that prevent them from returning home. The status generally lasts from six to 18 months, depending on the initial announcement, but it can be extended as many times as officials in DHS and the State Department see fit.

Honduras received TPS status in 1999 when the country was hit by Hurricane Mitch, a deadly Category 5 hurricane. El Salvador and Haiti won it in 2001 and 2010 after deadly earthquakes. The temporary stays stretched to nearly 10 years for Haitians and almost 20 for Salvadorans and Hondurans because of multiple extensions of their TPS by DHS.

source of news |NBC

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 By/Tony Wild

  During the historic visit of the Saudi King, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques announced the completion of the purchase of weapons from Russia for the defense system S-400 missiles

Washongton expressed its worries about its allies who buy the Russian weapons so the Spokeswoman Michael Baldenza said 

"We are concerned about the purchase of some of our allies for the S-400 system, because we have repeatedly stressed the importance of maintaining operational conformity (of allied regimes),".

US Defense Department spokeswoman Michael Baldenza at a press conference Thursday evening. Said that Washington is worrying about allies who bought other weapons systems rather than the United States system .

It is known that Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region have implemented major military deals with Russia.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Qatar have signed deals to buy Russian advanced weapons recently the matter that  led to an exaggerated American worry ,because These countries are considered its allies.

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By / Abeer Almadawy

   According  to a statement posted on the US Navy's website said that US Navy and Marine Corps divers could to found the 10 missing sailors from USS John McCain ,which has a  collision last week with a tanker in Pacific which injured 5 and at least 10 are missing. 

The US Navy earlier last week has found one body of sailor and  called off a search and rescue mission four days after a collision between a US destroyer and an oil tanker near Singapore.

The incident is still being investigated.

The US destroyer collided with the Alnic MC last Monday in the busy shipping lanes of the Singapore Strait, near the Strait of Malacca, which left a large hole in the USS John McCain's hull

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