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Tuesday, 11 December 2018 00:56

Tourism in Egypt : Silica Glass Field

    Egypt has many beautiful natural places, as well as the only country in the world that contains one-third of the world's monuments .Over its soil there will be stylized Pharaonic monuments and Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic monuments in addition to the modern civilization represented by Egypt, which was competing with the largest capitals of Europe in its elegance as a capital.
Egypt also has a diversity nature of desert and mountain and so what we focus on today for safari lovers...

   Silica Glass Field

    Located in the southern end of the Great Sand Sea in the Egyptian Western Desert, the Silica glass field is an astonishing geological wonder. Very close to the Libyan border, no other place on earth has been found to house the amazing gem-like pieces of yellow-green colour that were discovered in that location. The exact origin of this tektite material is still unknown and scientists speculate that it is the result of the impact of a meteor which would have taken place centuries ago, causing sand to fuse due to the intense heat. However till this day no crater proving this theory has been found. The glass is worn with wind and has a polished feel; it was used by the pharaohs in making jewelry. When visiting the Silica Glass Field, make sure to resist the temptation of taking some of the shiny pieces of desert with you. This field is accessible through safaris and tours of the Great Sand Sea.


Sharm Elsheikh - Mena

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has decided to set up an investment risk guarantee fund in Africa to encourage Egyptian investors to channel their investments to Africa and participate in the development of the continent and take advantage of the enormous opportunities available to it.

Al-Sisi called for speeding up the Cairo-Cape Town route to integrate the continent's countries and expand trade between its countries. He called for stimulating and facilitating the work of African companies in Egypt to stimulate joint investments and benefit from the continuous development of the Egyptian economy.

Speaking at the end of the Africa 2018 Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh on Sunday, 9 December 2018, Sisi said that the Forum's activities were an opportunity to affirm Egypt's interest in supporting the African continent's interests, enhancing its development path and an opportunity to exchange views and ideas on ways to promote comprehensive development. On our continent, with a view to finding the best means to improve our present situation and to build our future as we wish and aspire to.

The Egyptian President stressed that achieving security and stability, development and modernization are the most important means of confronting the political, economic and social challenges in our continent. This is evident in the discussions held during the forum, which focused on discussing strategies to attract investments to the continent, For entrepreneurs on the continent level, and strengthening cross-border economic cooperation.

Al-sisi stressed that Egypt will always be supportive of efforts to strengthen African cooperation in particular and international cooperation in general, as reflected in Egypt's open and fair policies to maximize the benefits of these efforts in achieving sustainable economic development, including enhancing the role of the private sector in development and investment at the level of All African countries.

Sharm Elsheikh - SIS

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi witnessed the closing session of Africa 2018 Forum held in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh.

Sisi was welcomed with applause as he entered the conference hall.

The forum's closing session was attended by a galaxy of ministers, high-level Egyptian and African officials besides a great number of experts and specialists in the economic field.

Most of the attendees were youths who came from all over the African continent in light of the attention paid by President Sisi to youths especially the Africans.

The forum witnessed the participation of ten African Presidents and a number of premiers and ministers in addition to 2,000 businessmen, investors and high-level figures in the field of business.

Investment Minister Sahr Nasr thanked the leaders, ministers, parliamentarians, heads of international funding institutions and investment banks, investors and entrepreneurs who took part in Africa 2018 Forum, pointing out to the active participation of the African women and promising youths.

The forum took up the priorities of economic development and investment opportunities in the African countries, the minister said, adding that the participants in the event probed aspects of joint cooperation in order to achieve the goals of sustainable economic development in the continent.

She stressed that the mechanisms of the international funding institutions should run in compatibility with the national priorities and standards that serve the interests of countries.

The forum witnessed inking 30 agreements worth $3.5 billion in the fields of investment, national projects, entrepreneurship, financing small- and medium-scale enterprises, infrastructure and promoting technical cooperation.

The signed agreements reflect the confidence of the investors and international financing institutions in Egypt's economic reform program, investment environment and wise leadership, Nasr affirmed.

The minister read out the recommendations of the forum topped by boosting and activating the participation and cooperation between the public and private sectors especially in the infrastructure, linkage networks, information technology and transport domains.

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry described Africa 2018 Forum as a "shining beacon" on Africa's annual events agenda.

International development partners and all African countries consider the event as the most important continental forum for leaders, ministers and senior officials concerned with the investment sector and a promising platform for showing commercial investment opportunities in Africa, he added.

This year witnesses historic steps in support of intra-African trade and investment, including the launch of the African Free Trade Area (AFTA), hoped to be put into force in 2019, as well as an active Egyptian role aiming to support continental economic integration, the minister said in a speech at the forum’s closing session.

He called for concerted African efforts to achieve such goals.

He highlighted the role played by the African private sector in boosting intra-African trade and maximizing the benefit of investment opportunities in the continent.

As African governments, we continue to provide the necessary political support through the decision-making organs of the African Union and other regional economic groups, with a view to addressing the real challenges hindering access to the desired development rates in Africa, Shoukry said.

Egypt will make major efforts during its 2019 presidency of the African Union to mobilize collective African efforts and activate the necessary mechanisms needed to soundly address challenges hampering the continent’s development process, including armed conflicts, political crises, proliferation of terrorist groups and organized criminal gangs, illegal migration, high rates of refugees and internally displaced people, he added.

Investing in infrastructure is a key priority for Africa as it will help provide job opportunities and attract investments to its markets, the minister stressed.

He affirmed Egypt's keenness to boost its cooperation and partnership with all sisterly African nations.

Addressing the closing session, President Sisi affirmed Egypt's keenness on promoting its policy of openness to sisterly African countries.

He said that bringing security and stability is the basis of achieving development and addressing political and economic challenges in the African continent.

Sisi also announced the establishment of a fund to provide guarantees against risks for Egyptian businessmen willing to invest in Africa to contribute to achieving development of the continent and take advantage of the enormous opportunities available there.



Cairo- SIS
Egypt hosted on Sunday 9/12/2018 for the first time a joint military exercise for Sahel and Sahara countries on combating terrorism.
The exercise, which is being held at Mohamed Naguib military base, will last till December 14 within the framework of the keenness of the armed forces and the political leadership to boost ties with friendly African countries.
Countries taking part in the exercise are divided into several groups that operate in different time zones.
Egypt is in the first group which also includes Sudan, Nigeria and Burkina Faso to train on fighting terror groups and freeing hostages, a matter that contributes to supporting security and stability in African countries.

Cairo- SIS

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli attended on Sunday 9/12/2018 the signing ceremony of an agreement between the Investment and International Cooperation Ministry and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

The 300-million-dollar deal was inked by Investment and International Cooperation Minister Sahar Nasr and AIIB President Jin Liqun on the sidelines of the Africa 2018 Forum in Sharm el Sheikh city.

The agreement comes as part of the Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services Program funded by the World Bank, Nasr said, adding that the targeted governorates are Daqahlia, Sharqia, Damietta, Gharbia and Menoufia.

The project aims at improving the operation systems of drinking water and sanitation companies in these governorates, she noted.


Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has pressed for action to enhance foreign and inter-African investments.

Truly, Africa is the biggest developing region now, but the level of investments remains low, Shoukry told the Africa 2018 Forum, currently taking place in the Egyptian Red Sea resort city of Sharm El Sheikh.

This is what this session is all about, Shoukry said on Sunday 9/12/2018, pointing to an African free trade agreement that was signed with the aim to increase inter-trade.

He added that this should also enhance investment opportunities to meet the 2063 development agenda.

Hopefully, the African Union could, under Egypt's presidency, endorse the agreement so that it becomes effective in 2019, Shoukry expressed.

For that to happen, Egypt will be hosting a meeting of African trade ministers soon with the aim to mend some points in the agreement so that it becomes executable, the top diplomat noted.

Shoukry stressed the need for African countries to achieve inner stability, which is vital to creating an investment-friendly climate and attracting businessmen.

This is done inside the continent through African peace and security mechanisms that are also meant to counter terrorism, he said.

Shoukry also touched upon the importance of infrastructure in achieving development and improving inter-trade.


In the annual report — published Monday at the COP24 climate summit in Katowice, Poland which tracks climate change performance in 56 countries and the EU. It comes on the heels of news that after CO2 emissions stabilized for three consecutive years, they are set to hit historic highs in 2018. 

Germany, so often held up as a beacon in the climate change fight, comes in at a middling 27th position — five places below its spot last year.while France who help a treaty for climate on its lands is in 21th position , from other side we consider Morocco who takes position 2 in the level is going up in its performance for the climate change!

"Our climate change index shows that there is no lack of commitment to the Paris climate agreement — but there is still a lack of political will to implement concrete steps,"

said Jan Burck from Germanwatch, an environmental organization that co-authored the report with the New Climate Institute and Climate Action Network.

"There are no excuses for this, as all solutions are on the table and are also affordable," Burck added.

While the IPCC and the United Nations Environment Program have warned that carbon emissions must fall rapidly if warming is to be kept below 2 degrees, year-on-year global CO2 emissions increased 1.6 percent in 2017.

According to the report by DW said that 

The top ranked nation was again Sweden in 4th place, which performed well in terms of renewable energies and greenhouse gas emissions. Morocco came in 5th due to its rapid expansion of renewables and an ambitious carbon reduction target — the North African nation is on track to generate 42 percent of its electricity needs through renewables by 2020.

Also making the "good" category were India (11) and the European Union as a whole (16). India ranked relatively well due to its dynamic expansion of renewables, relatively low per capita emissions and an ambitious 2030 climate target — though plans for new coal-fired power plants counted against the Asian powerhouse.

The EU's moderate performance in terms of emissions and energy efficiency was somewhat compensated by high marks for climate policy — especially measures to achieve the 2030 climate target, as well as the European Commission's efforts to push for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

China (33) made it into the "moderate" category for the first time after emissions leveled off between 2014 and 2016 — though emissions have since risen again.

Lurking in the index basement are G20 countries such as Japan (49), Russia (52), Canada (54), and Australia (55), while the last two places are occupied by the United States (59) and Saudi Arabia (60).

Yet again, Australia ranked among the very low-performing countries in three of the CCPI's categories — GHG emissions, energy use and climate policy — and in terms of renewable energy, with experts emphasizing the need to reduce its 2030 emission reduction targets. It placed just ahead of the USA, which has been in free fall since the climate-denying Trump administration took office nearly two years ago.

The US performed poorly to very badly on emissions, renewables and energy efficiency, and hardly surprisingly in terms of climate policy after President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement.


Source: DW

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