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By:Nadeemy Haded

The "Five Eyes" intelligence organization, which includes the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Britain, has accused China of deliberately concealing and destroying information on the source of the spread of the Corona virus.

The Australian Daily Telegraph reported that the 15-page report compiled by the intelligence agency "Five Eyes", in which it accused China of "endangering other countries" by hiding information about the virus, by silencing doctors and preventing them from talking about it Or "their" disappearance.

In its report, the intelligence agency claimed that Beijing destroyed evidence of the presence of the "Covid-19" virus in laboratories, and refused to disclose biological information that helps scientists produce a vaccine for this virus.

According to the report, according to the report, China had evidence of the possibility of the virus being transmitted from one person to another, but "it denied it until January 20".

The report pointed out that on January 3, the Chinese National Health Committee ordered the destruction of samples of the "Covid-19" virus and not to publish information related to this disease.

Western intelligence reports stated that researchers discovered coronaviruses with a cave in Yunnan Province, where a remarkable genetic similarity was observed with COVID-19.

China has denied on more than one occasion the validity of these allegations and allegations, stressing that it is not based on any scientific information.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed its opposition to "fabricating false information and publishing it by any person or any organization," adding that China is "a victim of misinformation and not a source of it."

In the same context, US and Australian intelligence earlier denied that the virus was a biological weapon, and confirmed investigations are continuing to determine the origin of the virus.

Source: Agencies


By:Nadeemy Haded

The Bolivian Air Force announced the death of 6 people by the crash of a light military plane on Saturday.

The Air Force said in a statement that the accident resulted in the killing of the crew of the plane, consisting of two individuals and four Spaniards, who were transporting them before being returned to their country, due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

The statement indicated that the accident occurred near the southeastern city of Trinidad, where passengers were to be transported to Santa Cruz.

Initial investigations indicate that the plane reported its intention to return to the airport in Trinidad 12 minutes after take off due to engine failure, before losing contact with it.

Source: Reuters


By:Nadeemy Haded

In the past 24 hours, the death toll of the newly infected Corona virus "Covid-19" in Russia has witnessed a new record jump, with the health authorities recording for the first time more than 10 thousand cases within a day.

Today, Sunday, the Operations Room for Corona Outbreak in Russia announced that 10,633 new cases of coronavirus were registered, bringing the total number of cases recorded in the country to 134,687.

This number represents a fourth successive record jump in the death toll from Corona in the country, after 9,623 injuries were recorded on Saturday.

The new infections are distributed among 85 regions of the country, but most of them are in the capital, Moscow (5,948 cases) and its district (822).

Fifty-eight people died in Russia during the last 24 hours after contracting Corona (compared to 57 deaths yesterday), bringing the total number of deaths from the epidemic in the country to 1,280.

1,626 patients recovered from Koruna in Russia during the last day, and the total number of people recovered reached 16,639 people.

Moscow tops the list of the largest corona foci in Russia with 68,606 injuries and 729 deaths (in addition to 14,136 injuries and 111 deaths in its district).

The Anti-Corona Operations Room clarified yesterday that the sharp rise in the rate of new infections recently is not due to the accelerated pace of the epidemic, but rather an increase in the number and speed of checks that were conducted for citizens to detect cases of infection.

To date, the number of Corona examinations conducted in Russia has exceeded the threshold of 4 million, and reached 4.1 million.

Source: RT


By:Nadeemy Haded

On Sunday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that "there is a tremendous amount of evidence" that the Covid-19 source is a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

He told ABC, "There is a tremendous amount of evidence indicating that this is its source," but he declined to comment on the hypothesis that its publication was intentional.

US President Donald Trump has increasingly criticized China's role in the pandemic, which has infected nearly 3.5 million people and claimed more than 240,000 lives worldwide.

Trump insisted that Beijing hid important information about the virus outbreak and demanded that it be held accountable.

News reports stated that Trump authorized the United States spies to find the source of the virus, which was blamed for spreading it to a market in Wuhan that sells exotic animals such as bats to eat.

It is now believed that novel corona may have leaked from a nearby laboratory conducting virus-related research

Pompeo, who was director of the Central Intelligence Agency, told ABC that he agreed with the US intelligence community’s statement consistent with “the broad scientific consensus on the issue that the virus (causing) Covid-19 is neither human-made nor genetically modified. ".

But he has gone further than Trump, citing "an overwhelming number of important evidence" that Wuhan's laboratory is the source of the virus.

"I think the whole world can now see and remember that China has a history of transmitting infection to the world and operating non-standards laboratories," he said.

He believed that Chinese attempts to downplay the virus amounted to "a classic communist attempt to mislead. This caused tremendous danger."

Source agencies


By:Nadeemy Haded

The number of prisoners who died while trying to escape from a prison in Venezuela has risen to 46, EFE reported quoting a prison staff member.

It was previously reported that 17 prisoners were killed in the northwestern Portuguese state of Portugal in an attempt to escape, including several prison officials and staff.

The report pointed out that "disturbances affected the public order" inside Los Yanos prison in Ganary (west), when prisoners broke a "security fence in an attempt to escape in a group."

A spokesman for the agency said that the list of victims will increase, because many of the wounded, the number of whom has not yet been determined, are in critical condition.

He also confirmed that the prison director, Carlos Rojo, had been severely stabbed in the back, and that a lieutenant in the National Guard, who had participated in the suppression of the riots, had suffered fragments of an explosive device thrown by a prisoner.

Staff at this guarded prison tried to mediate with the rebellious prisoners. However, the prisoners violently assaulted these employees, wounding the prison director "on his shoulder with a sharp object."

Human Rights Watch, "Observatorio de Venezuelano de Preziones" confirmed the fact of the attempted mass flight, explaining that the correction center originally intended for 750 people was crowded with about 2.5 thousand prisoners held in this prison.

Due to the spread of the new Corona virus in Venezuela, family visits for prisoners have stopped. They often received food and medicine during these visits.

Venezuela suffers from a severe political division as a result of the inauguration of the President of Parliament, Juan Guaido, blew up by the interim president on January 23, 2019, with the support of the United States and Western countries, in the face of President-elect Nicholas Maduro, which has exacerbated the economic crisis that Venezuela is already suffering due to the US sanctions imposed On it for years.

Source: "Novosti"


By:Nadeemy Haded

The White House said that senior health official, Anthony Fuchi, will not testify this week before a congressional committee looking into the actions of President Donald Trump's administration in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The White House considered that the testimony of individuals participating in the response to the epidemic is "unproductive."

A spokesman for the House of Representatives committee, which was holding the hearing, had indicated that Trump administration officials had informed the committee that Fuchi would not testify

"As Donald Trump's administration continues to fully confront the Corona virus, including opening America safely again and expediting the development of a vaccine, it is not fruitful to have specific individuals involved in these efforts appear before sessions," White House spokesman Jod Derry said in a statement. Listen in Congress ... We are committed to working with Congress to provide testimony at the appropriate time. "

The spokesman, Evan Hollander, explained that a House subcommittee for allocations overseeing health programs requested a Fuchi certificate at a hearing on May 6. The "Washington Post" newspaper was the first to report that Fuchi will not testify.

Fadlafchi, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is one of the leading medical experts who helped guide the US response to the highly contagious virus.

The US President has repeatedly clashed with the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives due to the House’s moves to investigate the president’s actions or his administration’s actions.

Democrats criticized Trump, saying he had failed to devise a comprehensive and effective plan to screen Americans for Coronavirus infection and track contact with those infected.

Source: Reuters


By:Nadeemy Haded

About 3,000 crew members of a cruise ship belonging to the German tourism giant TOE have been quarantined after one of them was infected with the Corona virus.

Corona tested 15 crew members of the cruise ship "Main Chef 3" after they showed symptoms of a slight flu, and one of them was diagnosed with Covid-19 disease.

These sailors were isolated on board the ship at Cuxhaven, Germany.

The company said in a statement yesterday, Friday, that all 2899 crew members will remain in quarantine on the ship "until further notice."

She added that some of the crew members who left before last Tuesday, the date of their arrival at the port, were called back to the ship.

The German group indicated that the cruise ship was free of passengers.

"There is no danger to residents of the city and region of Cuxhaven," said district chief Kai-Uffi Bielefeld and mayor of Cuxhaven.

He added, "The group of people who boarded the ship for the disembarkation procedures upon the arrival of the ship are known precisely and were equipped with individual protective equipment."

Source: AFP

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