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By:Nadeemy Haded

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that any trade agreement with the United States should be in Britain’s interests and its imports should meet “food safety standards”.

"It was clear that any future deal with the United States should work for the benefit of the whole of the United Kingdom, including our farmers, our consumers and our companies ... The materials imported into the UK should conform without exception to our stringent food safety standards," the spokesman told reporters today, Thursday.

The Financial Times reported earlier that the British government is developing plans to cut tariffs on US agricultural imports to boost progress in a trade deal despite concerns about the damage it could cause to British agriculture.

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US President Donald Trump stressed that the pandemic of the emerging Corona virus "Covid-19" in the world showed the end of the era of globalization.

In an interview broadcast Thursday by "Fox News", Trump pointed to the need to manufacture American goods inside the United States, threatening to impose an additional tax on American companies that produce their goods outside the country's borders.

The US president launched a new attack on China, saying that the United States had "not good" information for Beijing on the source of "Covid-19".

Trump expressed his "deep disappointment" in China, blaming it for the failure to prevent the outbreak of "Creed-19" to various parts of the world, and pointed out that his relations with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping are good, but he does not want to communicate with him now.

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The security authorities in North Darfur state announced that they have closed all borders with South Darfur state to prevent the escape of those involved in the recent violence.

On Wednesday, 30 people were killed and dozens injured, as a result of a renewed tribal conflict between the "Fallata" and "Rizeigat" tribes in areas of the state of South Darfur, after which military reinforcements were deployed to prevent the expansion of the armed conflict after the emergence of large concentrations of the two parties.

The North Darfur State Security Committee said in a statement: "We announce the tightening of the procedures to close the state's borders with the state of South Darfur to prevent infiltration of the spoilers who caused these events and prevent the spoil of lootings."

The security committee, chaired by the governor of the state, Major General Malik Al-Tayeb Khojali, announced its readiness to fully cooperate with the authorities of the state of South Darfur, to implement all measures that would restore security, stability and conditions to normal.


British media reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will set a five-degree warning system for the Corona virus emerging in England on Sunday when he explains the government's plans to gradually start easing public isolation measures.

Johnson is scheduled to deliver a speech at 18 GMT, during which he will announce the next steps in Britain's battle against the pandemic that led to the imposition of general isolation measures that halted almost entirely economic activities and kept millions in their homes for nearly seven weeks.

The media said that Johnson will announce the details of a five-degree warning system for England ranging from green, the first level to the red, and the fifth level, to determine the extent of risk from Covid-19 in different regions to allow the government to increase restrictions in places where this is required.

The rest of the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, has powers to define general isolation measures, but it is expected to remain generally consistent with what the government declares in England.

Color discrimination systems are already used in other countries as they begin to reduce isolation measures, including France and India.

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FC Dinamo Dresden announced that it put all members of its first team and its technical staff in quarantine after discovering two new infections in its ranks with the new Corona virus, noting that he could not play his first match after the resumption of competitions and scheduled after eight days.

The club explained that all players, coaches and the technical staff of Dynamo Dresden must undergo a period of isolation for a period of 14 days, after announcing two new positive cases, "Covid-19", related to players whose name has not been revealed, stressing that they do not suffer from the symptoms of this virus.

Dinamo Dresden has become the first club in the first and second division, unable to resume the competitions scheduled for the end of this week.

And Dynamo Dresden, who finished last in the second division, will meet Hanover next Sunday in the twenty-sixth stage.

"The truth is that during the next 14 days we will not be able to train or participate in the matches," sports club director Dinamo Dresden Ralph Minge said in a statement to the club.

In the first reaction to the German League Association president Christian Seiffer in a question to the German "ZDF" network about whether the program in question will completely collapse due to Dresden's inability to play two games, he answered, "Not at the moment. For the second degree, this means not Being able to play two games out of 81. We will see how we will deal with this. "

He added: "We will not change the goal set, only we will change the plan. The goal remains to end the season."

Germany is one of the major European countries that have succeeded in facing the coronavirus pandemic, and is the first of five major tournaments on the old continent that it will resume competition without an audience as of May 16.

Competitions in the first and second ranks have stopped since mid-March due to the "Covid-19" pandemic, and the "Bundesliga" hopes to pave the way for other competitions to resume its competitions.

A strict medical and health protocol was established to resume the tournament, on the basis of two pillars: systematic tests for the isolation of any person, player or member of the technical staff, the result of which was a positive examination, and strict preventive measures, dictating what to do in training, during travel, in residence, before During and after matches.

It is worth noting that the German Bundesliga announced last Monday that 10 tests from 1724 were conducted during the first period were positive.

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On Sunday, the Poles were supposed to elect their president, but polling stations will not open and no one can vote in these elections, which have not been officially canceled or postponed, and will enter history as a rare case of vague voting.

This situation resulted from the spread of the new Corona virus, as well as the inability of the ruling national conservatives and the opposition to come to terms with a constitutional solution acceptable to both parties.

The leader of the ruling conservative Law and Justice Party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, and his ally, leader of the "Understanding" party, Jaroslaw Govin, who wanted to postpone the poll, confirmed that they had reached this solution on Wednesday.

They said in a statement: "When the tenth of May date passes and the Supreme Court notes, as expected, the election is not valid due to its non-conduct, the President of Parliament will announce new presidential elections at the first possible date."

"We are entering into an atmosphere of futility," said political expert Stanislav Mucic, dean of Collegium Civitas University, adding that the declaration "appears to be an order issued to the court."

The current situation resulted from a set of conflicting interests and controversial decisions. In the face of the risk of Covid-19 infection being transmitted heavily in polling stations, the ruling party proposed a vote on a law mandating election by correspondence.

But this text, criticized by defenders of the constitution and rejected by the opposition in the Senate, arrived too late to allow the organization of the vote.

At the same time, the ruling party refused to postpone the presidential elections demanded by the opposition whose candidates were unable to campaign, and also three of every four Poles want it, according to opinion polls.

Under the constitution, the postponement of the presidential elections necessitates declaring a state of natural disaster.

Officially, the ruling party saw that the health situation did not require this, and hinted in semi-official ways that multinationals operating in Poland could claim massive compensation that the state could not pay.

However, the opposition sees another reason for this, which is that the conservative party wants to ensure the victory of the outgoing President, Andrzej Doda, to which he belongs.

Doda, who leads the polls, could have been re-elected from the first round, but his chances of winning could be diminished over time, especially as the economic repercussions of the epidemic unfold and its effects on companies and families, and with unemployment rising.

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The Venezuelan Ministry of Defense has announced the finding of 3 abandoned warships, bearing the insignia of the Colombian Armed Forces.

And a statement issued by the Ministry of Defense said on Saturday that a patrol of the Venezuelan National Guard found boats of the type Boston Wheeler in the southeastern state of Bolivar, bearing the insignia of the Colombian Navy and machine guns.

Venezuela had accused Colombia and the United States of being behind a naval invasion and plotting a coup against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro after the Venezuelan army seized a group of militants, including two elements of a private American security company.

Colombia and the United States denied their relationship with the attempted coup against Maduro.

Source: Novosti

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