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By:Nadeemy Haded

Astronomers have warned of the sun entering a "catastrophic hibernation" period, which leads to its blocking and entering the lower stage of solar energy, which may cause freezing weather and earthquakes.

Experts believe that we are on the verge of entering the deepest period of "recorded" sunlight ever recorded, with the sunspot virtually gone, according to the British newspaper "The Sun".

"The minimum amount of solar energy actually happened, which is deep. The sun's magnetic field has become weak, allowing additional cosmic rays in the solar system," said astronomer Tony Phillips.

"Excess cosmic rays pose a threat to the health of astronauts and travelers in the polar air, and affect electrochemistry in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, and may help cause lightning."

NASA scientists fear it will be a recurrence of the "Delton Minimum" phenomenon, which occurred between 1790 and 1830, which led to periods of severe cold, loss of crops and famine, and powerful volcanic eruptions.

Temperatures decreased by up to 2 ° C over 20 years, which destroyed the world's food production.

On April 10, 1815, the second largest volcanic eruption occurred in 2000 years on Mount Tambora, Indonesia, killing at least 71,000 people, and also leading to what is called a year without summer in 1816, when snow fell in July.

So far this year, the sun has been "empty" with no sunspot 76 percent of the time, a rate that was only exceeded once in the space age last year, when it was 77 percent blank.

A previous study revealed that the sun, although it is the most important source of energy for life on Earth, is "slightly sleepy" compared to other stars in the universe.

Astronomers from the Max Planck Institute in Germany compared the sun to hundreds of similar stars, using data from NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, and researchers chose stars with a similar surface temperature, age and spin to the Sun in the Milky Way.

The results showed that the sun is very weak compared to most other stars about 5 times.

"We were very surprised that most sunlike stars are much more active than the sun," said Alexander Shapiro of the Max Planck Institute.

The researchers say it is not clear whether the sun has been "going through a quiet period" for 9,000 years or is it less bright than other similar stars.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has revealed his desire to complete his contract with his Spanish club before deciding on his retirement.

German midfielder Toni Kroos has expressed his desire to complete his contract with his current club Real Madrid, which runs until 2023, before he thinks to end his career and professional career.

"My goal is to continue playing for Real Madrid in the next three seasons," Crose said, who moved from Bayern Munich to Real Madrid in 2014, during an interview with "Eurospor" in Germany.

The player who won the 2014 World Cup title with the German national team continued that in the year 2023 "I will be thirty-three years old, and it will be a good time to ask the question: How do I feel on the physical level, are I still motivated, do I have a desire to continue? Then we will see what happens ".

Croes believes that "3 years in football is a long time. 3 years in Real Madrid is even longer," referring to the level required to play for the club, which has been crowned 13 times in the Champions League throughout its history.

In his speech, Kroos mentioned his departure from German club Bayern Munich 6 years ago, after disputes with some of the club's officials, who crowned a champion of the Bundesliga in the last seven seasons.

"Some people in Bayern may have regretted letting me go, but this regret does not apply to me at all, I had my convictions, and Bayern had its convictions, and there was no other way but separation," Cross said.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Searches are continuing for a vaccine or antiretroviral treatment for the new Coronavirus, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people and infected more than 4.6 million people worldwide.

As the search for a vaccine for the virus that adversely affected global economies continues, other research continues to find a way to disrupt or combat it, outside the human body, so that it joins efforts to stop the Covid-19 epidemic.

And recently, a preliminary study reached a substance that can protect surfaces from the new Corona virus and germs, for a period of up to 90 days, by spraying them on surfaces, such as trains and buses, and forming an anti-virus layer.

According to the study, prepared by researchers at the University of Arizona and not yet reviewed by other scientists, the amount of viruses present on the surfaces, which were sprayed with this antibacterial, decreased by 90 percent in 10 minutes and by up to 99.9 percent after two hours.

This technology "is the next big development in containing the epidemic ... I think it is especially important for heavily used surfaces like subway trains and buses that are regularly sanitized but people who successively re-pollute it," said Charles Gerba, the university's microbiologist and lead author, told AFP. ".

Gerba added that "this technology does not replace ordinary cleaning and sterilization, but rather protects the stages between regular cleaning and sterilization."

The university team tested the material specifically designed for anti-virus by Allied Bioscience, which also funded the study.

According to France Press, the researchers conducted their experiment on the Human Coronavirus, "229E", which is similar in composition and genetic characteristics to Coronavirus, but it has slight flu symptoms.

And spray the innovative material, which causes a change in the proteins of the virus and attacks the layer that protects it, so that it covers the various surfaces provided that the process is repeated every 3 to 4 months.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

A prominent scientist at the World Health Organization has warned that the world may need a period of time between 4 and 5 years in order to control the Corona epidemic.

The leading Indian scientist with the organization Sumaya Swaminathan said that the decisive factors for the long-term defeat of "Covid 19" include the evolution of the virus and preventive measures, and most importantly the development of a vaccine.

And Swaminathan, a pediatrician, considered that "the vaccine now seems the best way" to get out of the crisis, but pointed to the existence of obstacles related to its effectiveness and safety, in her comments to the British newspaper "Financial Times".

And I continued, "I say that within 4 or 5 years we can control this epidemic."

Another WHO official said earlier that the virus could become endemic, such as the HIV virus that causes AIDS, doubting any attempt to predict when it will continue to spread.

Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Emergency Program, said in an online press briefing: "It is important to put forward these words: This virus may just become another virus that is endemic in our societies. This virus may never disappear."

He added: "I think it is necessary to be realistic, and I do not imagine that anyone can predict when this disease will disappear. I see that there are no promises in this regard and there are no dates. This disease may settle to become a long-term problem, and it may not be so."

However, Ryan said the world had achieved some control over how it dealt with the disease, but it would take "tremendous efforts" even if a vaccine was reached, which he described as "a major achievement."

More than 100 possible vaccines are being developed, many of them in clinical trials, but experts have confirmed the difficulty of finding effective vaccines against the emerging corona virus.

Ryan noted that there are vaccines for other diseases, such as measles, and yet they have not been completely eradicated

Governments around the world are fighting over how to reopen their economies while continuing to contain the virus, which has infected nearly 4.3 million people, according to Reuters statistics, and has killed nearly 300,000.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Doctors in Italy have spoken of the first clear evidence linking Covid 19 disease caused by the emerging coronavirus, and a rare and serious disorder that affects autoimmune.

An autoimmune disorder is a disorder that affects the immune system while fighting what are believed to be foreign substances, causing it to mistakenly attack the body's own tissues.

According to the British newspaper "The Guardian", this sometimes requires that some children undergo life-saving treatment in the intensive care units, when they have corona.

This appears to be the latest find about the Corona virus, which scientists say they do not know much about, especially after it was found that it has many symptoms that go beyond the respiratory system, and its effects affect parts other than the lungs, as is well known.

And mysterious cases of the new exhibitor appeared last month, when health officials in Britain issued a warning to doctors, as a number of children were hospitalized with symptoms of strange nature.

These symptoms were a mixture of "toxic shock" and other symptoms that usually appear as a result of a defective immune system, known as "Kawasaki".

On Tuesday, a hospital in London announced the death of a 14-year-old, the first known death among children in Britain. Between 75 and 100 children are being treated for the Corona virus.

Symptoms of a new infection that affects children due to an immune system disorder include: fever, rash, red eyes, chapped lips, and abdominal pain.

Doctors suspected that corona plays a role in the disorder that affects children, which provokes an excessive immune response to them.

However, this suspicion was confirmed in Italy, specifically in Bergamo, in the north of the country, the city most affected by Corona, as records there showed that the children's cases of "Kawasaki" had risen to 10 after the epidemic arrived, compared to three before it.

Of the 10 children treated for this disorder between mid-February and mid-April, 8 were found to be infected with the emerging coronavirus.

And even the other two cases, the doctors said that their negative diagnosis was wrong.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Officials at the Elysee Palace said Thursday that officials from the French company "Sanofi" for the pharmaceutical industry will attend a high-level meeting in the presidential palace next week.

The company had stated that the vaccines it manufactures in the United States may go to American patients first have aroused President Emmanuel Macron's anger.

The official said, "These statements have offended all concerned, starting with the president."

He added that he has no knowledge of any direct contact by telephone with Paul Hudson, Chief Executive Officer "Sanofi".

He continued, saying: "Next week, a meeting will be held in the Elysee to try to overcome this and work together." It is not yet clear who will attend the meeting.

In the context of the same, Chief Executive Officer of "Sanofi" Paul Hodson said, today, it is necessary to reach any vaccine for the virus Corona to all regions, hours after the government warned the French giant pharmaceutical to suggest that some countries will receive the priority of the arrival of the vaccine.

Hudson said he regretted his remarks on Wednesday that any vaccine developed by Sanofi in the United States could go to American patients, pointing to the need for a real debate in Europe about how the bloc countries move collectively and faster in the search for a new vaccine and that "Sanofi" were paid The block for months to do so.

Source: Reuters

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