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Written by / Salwa Abd Allah Al-Nasrabi

The British government said on Sunday that the country's telecommunications companies agreed to raise all maximum data limits on fixed-line broadband services that had become the lifeline of people isolated in their homes during the Corona virus crisis. Companies including PT, Virgin Media, Sky and Talk pledged to support and protect customers During the pandemic after talks with the government and the UK Telecom Regulatory Authority Ofcom, among other measures is to help customers who have difficulty in paying bills as a result of the pandemic, improve mobile phone and landline packages to ensure that people stay in touch and prioritize To fix vulnerable groups


By:Nadeemy Haded

The Vatican announced, on Saturday, that the tests conducted in the building where Pope Francis resides confirmed that the Pope and his close associates are not infected with Corona virus after tests have shown that a resident of the building was infected with the virus.

This is the first announcement on the status of the Pope, 83, for the Corona virus since the start of the current crisis in Italy, in which more than 10 thousand people died of the disease.

A spokesman for the Vatican, Matteo Bruni, said that tests were carried out on 170 people in the Vatican, and confirmed that 6 of them were sick, one of whom was a dozen permanent residents of the Santa Maria guesthouse in the Vatican.

"I can confirm that he is neither the holy father nor his close associates," he added.

The person who was confirmed to have the disease worked at the Vatican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was receiving treatment at a hospital in Rome.

The examinations confirmed that another person who had been in contact with the Pope had the disease, but that he was not staying at the Pope's residence.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

The United States has recorded 453 new deaths from the new corona virus within 24 hours, a new record, according to Johns Hopkins University.

With these injuries, the total number in the United States rises to 1891 deaths since the virus appeared, which is less than Italy (10023 deaths), Spain (5812), China (3299), and even France (2317), according to the same source.

Johns Hopkins University recorded 115,547 total injuries in America as of 18:55 GMT, Saturday, 21,309 new injuries in a day (an increase of 23 percent over the previous day), which is also a record.

President Donald Trump said on Saturday he was studying the possibility of imposing a closure on New York State, which has become the epicenter of the epidemic in the country after it registered 50,000 cases of Covid-19.

"New York, New Jersey, maybe a place or two, some parts of Connecticut, I'm thinking about it."

These three states are the hardest hit by the Corona virus. In New York, about 40,000 people are infected with the virus, far more than dozens of other states.

Trump also spoke that he had decided to send the USNS Comfort ship to New York to help counter the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus.

He stated that the "hospital ship" would sail from Virginia and carry a large number of doctors and nurses on board, in addition to 1,200 Marines.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

While the spread of the Corona virus in most countries of the world has forced people to stay in their homes, some may be forced to go out to buy basic necessities such as food or medicine, which forces them to be careful and avoid the virus to be transferred to their homes.

And when a person leaves his house, he must be careful about the surfaces he comes into contact with in public places, such as shopping carts, door handles and shelves, in order to reduce the chances of exposure to the virus and bring it to the home.

Washing hands with soap for more than 20 seconds is the best way to go when you return home, according to the CNET website, which mentioned 5 ways to keep your home sterile and free from the emerging coronavirus, based on expert and health professional opinions:

Using sterile napkins for surfaces

Think of the things you touch several times a day, such as door handles, laundries, cabinet knobs, fridge doors, and remote controls, and given that the home is the place where you feel comfortable and relaxed, you may not be careful and strict about washing your hands in your private space as is the case In public places, but you must sterilize those places at least once a day to get rid of germs and viruses.

And if there is a patient at home, you must repeatedly wipe surfaces, knowing that after wiping them with sterile materials, they must be left in the air to give the sterile material time to kill any bacteria.

Sterilize furniture with disinfectant sprays

For furniture items that cannot be used as sterile wipes to wipe and disinfect them, disinfectant sprays can be used on carpets and sofas to kill invisible viruses and germs.

These areas can be sprayed with sterile sprays and left to dry before sitting or walking on these surfaces. Care should also be taken to spray other surfaces in the home, such as tables, beds and bedding.

Clean the floors using a mixture of bleaches

If a person leaves the house, millions of germs and viruses are suspended in his shoes from the places he visited, and if the shoes are not removed when entering the house, it will spread the viruses inside it.

The CDC recommends using one cup of bleach mixed with five gallons of water to wipe and clean the floors, and you can also mix half a cup of white vinegar with one gallon of water and wipe the floors with pores, such as wood, for example.

Use hydrogen peroxide for sterilization

Centers for Disease Control in the United States say 3 percent of peroxide

Hydrogen for sterilization

The Centers for Disease Control in the United States says that within 3 minutes, 3 percent of hydrogen peroxide is able to stop the nasal virus, the main cause of the cold.

If the material is poured directly onto surfaces such as a sink, table or toilets, you will need to leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. This will give her time to do her entire job, and then rub the area and then rinse it with water.

Long-term antiseptics to protect the home

Aseptic products are traded on the market as protecting the surfaces for 24 hours, and although these products are not listed on the EPA list, they are highly effective against viruses in general, and if used daily, they can help prevent Germs and viruses can survive on the roofs of your home and keep them protected throughout the day.

What should you use to clean your car?

When you are outside, you are exposed to germs and viruses that can follow you in your car.

Given the nature of the car being used by several people in the same family, or even any landlord's habit of moving from one place to another before getting into the car again, it is possible that the Corona virus will pass through the hands to places most likely to get dirty inside the car.

These places are simply the most frequently used parts of the car that must be cleaned with sterile materials such as chlorine or those containing at least 70 percent alcohol to ensure viruses are eliminated.

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By:Nadeemy Haded

Years ago, a British man began preparing for a catastrophe on the planet, until he found his country and the world at large in front of the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

For a period of 5 years, a man built a "shelter" underground to be a haven for him in the event of a disaster, as is the case now, and was keen to make it more like a "miniature house" full of entertainment.

In 2015, the British Colin Fors decided to start building an underground shelter in the back garden of his home, and he managed to make it look like a real home.

Fors put a mattress, a TV set and a set of drums in the shelter to exercise his favorite hobby, and made sure to provide him with a private generator, as the video clip he posted on YouTube showed.

The man also built a kitchen inside the shelter, equipped with a "microwave" and a sink, and filled it with canned food.

And because he built this place to protect him from any calamities or disasters, Forz made sure to put a gas mask inside the shelter.

Although the situation that the world is currently living in light of the spread of the Corona virus does not require all these complicated procedures, Forz confirmed that he is happy with the decision to build this shelter, and that he is using it now in "the time of Corona"

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By:Nadeemy Haded

As the news on the spread of the new Corona virus circulates around the world, the world is increasingly concerned about the epidemic that has infected more than half a million people and claimed more than 27,000 lives.

In this report, we review the latest developments, figures and the most important news related to the Coronavirus around the world:

- The Mauritanian Minister of Health announced the registration of two new cases of the Coronavirus, bringing the total number to 5.

- The UAE recorded 63 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 468.

- The health authorities in the Netherlands have announced the death of 93 other patients with the Coronavirus.

- The Saudi Ministry of Health announced the death of one person, bringing the total death of corona to 4, compared to 1,203 injuries and 37 cures.

Vietnam recorded 11 new cases, with a total of 174, without any HIV deaths.

- The total number of deaths from coronavirus in Switzerland rose to 235 people, and infections rose to 13,312 cases.

- According to a statistic for "Agence France Presse", the total number of new infections of the Corona virus in the world exceeded the 600,000 mark on Saturday.

- Iraq recorded 48 new injuries in addition to two deaths.

- The situation is getting more serious in Spain, where the number of cases exceeded the 72,000 mark, and deaths rose to 5,690.

A new death was recorded in Lebanon, bringing the number to 8 deaths, out of a total of 412 injuries.

- The UAE conducted 860 laboratory examinations of people who received them from China, and all results were negative.

In Iran, the country worst affected by the epidemic in the Middle East, 139 new deaths were recorded, bringing the total to 2517.

Malaysia recorded 159 new cases of coronavirus and a total of 2,320 cases.

- The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced the monitoring of 10 new infections during the past 24 hours, which brings the total cases recorded to 235, while 7 patients recovered to reach the total of those recovering to 64.

- Morocco announced that the number of injuries rose to 358, compared to 23 deaths and 11 cases of recovery.

In Germany, the number of people infected with the Corona virus rose to 48,582, while the number of deaths reached 325.

- The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the detection of 6 new cases in the West Bank, bringing the total number of injuries to 97.

Sudan announced the detection of two new cases of coronavirus, for citizens coming from abroad.

- The Israeli Ministry of Health recorded 425 new injuries, bringing the total to 3460.

In India, the number of HIV infections rose to 873, while 19 deaths were recorded and 78 recovered.

- The Japanese capital, Tokyo, recorded more than 50 new infections, the largest daily increase in the number of infections in the city.

- The Sultanate of Oman announced the detection of 21 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the number of registered cases to 152.

 Panama announced the death of 5 new cases of the virus in the country, bringing the total to 14, as it detected 112 new infections, and the total amounted to 786 cases.

In Thailand, a new death was recorded, bringing the total death toll to 6 compared to 1,245 injuries.

- The toll in China is still on the way down, after recording 3 new deaths from the Corona virus, in addition to 54 new cases.


By / Ayman Bahr

The Governor of the Red Sea, Major General Amr Hanafi, issued a decision today, Saturday, to close all beaches in the governorate, as part of a package of preventive and precautionary measures and measures to confront the new Corona virus, especially after the crowd witnessed by a number of the beaches of the governorate in more than one city, before the hours of banning the movement of citizens, where any gatherings are considered Violation of the state plan to limit the spread of infection.

The Governor directed all the competent authorities to implement the decision from today, Saturday, until the issuance of another notice, appealing to the people of the province again to adhere to the homes during that period and not to go out except in cases of extreme necessity to facilitate the state’s task in dealing with any possible repercussions of the emerging Corona virus and limit its spread, indicating that each These measures aim to preserve the health and safety of citizens.

The Governor of the Red Sea indicated that the campaigns continue daily in the various cities and villages of the governorate from north to south, and he undertakes sudden field visits in different cities at different times to ensure implementation of the decisions of the Prime Minister on preventive and preventive measures to limit the spread of the virus, pointing out that legal measures will be taken decisively. Towards violators, especially those who raise prices from merchants, who will be transferred to the Public Prosecution

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