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Few days ago  the spokesman of the Egyptian army released a video shows an impossible mission for a brave army officer who noticed a car occupied by number of terrorist belong to ISIL and he suspected in them as suicide bomber.

The army vehicle moved to get the car away but they aimed to get close of him, then the officer be sure that this is a bomber car was on a suicide mission and lives were at risk near a military security checkpoint in North Sinai.

The scene was difficult as there were tens of civilians behind him in their cars as well other army crew of cars...without thinking the brave army officer " Mohammed Talat Almesary" took the decision and turned round then get over it to smash at all, and no soon the car exploded with its 100 kilogram of explosion... The officer did his mission and he knows may  the car exploded in him, but  he doesn't care of his life,because his interest is to save the people and prevent the killers of the terrorists...Mohammed Talat Almesary saved about hundred people in this incident.

No one was hurt, during his turn with the tank, he did not touch a single car in the stalled road
Only seven persons, including suicide bombers, were killed.

The video showed a great miracle in how to climb that skill on the car bombarded with explosives, which amounted to 100 kilos of explosives and no one was injured during the attack and run over the car

Egypt suffers from terrorism and fights on its own behalf on behalf of the world and foils many terrorist operations in the Sinai and western Egypt on the Libyan border

Seven civilians, including two children, were killed when the car bomb exploded but the quick thinking of the tank crew appears to have averted a much higher death toll.

The explosion happened 200 metres from its military target, “when an Egyptian soldier used a tank to stop the vehicle,” according to an Egyptian army statement.

The victims — three men, two women and two children -- “happened to be in the area in front of the ambush during the blast,” the statement added, without saying when the incident happened.

“The explosion was large, carrying about 100 kilograms of high explosives,” an army spokesman said in the statement.

Egypt’s military is battling a local affiliate of the Islamic State group that has waged a deadly insurgency in the northern Sinai, killings hundreds of members of the security forces.

Since the revolution of 30 june 2013 and the muslim brother group covering with the support of Qatar, Turkey and others ,attacked Egypt with terrorist operations that killed hundred of Egyptians...they also attacked the christians and exploded more 32 churches, the last two churches were attacked one  in Alexandria and the other in Tanta city , killed more than 54 Egyptian Christians and injured about 154...

Also they launch deadly attacks on North Sinia and aimed to kill  army and police troops ...The war still on its field but it needs the free voice of the world to stand beside Egypt who try hardly to defeat the terrorism as well to secure its people from Christians and muslims , building a strong country wants to live in peace and search for a place to it in the modern civilization .

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