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Two years after the war in Yemen between the coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia in the face of the Houthis and the forces of President Ali Saleh led by Iran ,are the reason that led to the current  humanitarian situation in the country to its worst level

Especially since the outbreak of cholera disease , which has spread among provinces, has reached 1,500, according to the World Health Organization

In a special follow-up to Castle Journal, a number of activists and doctors working with the medical teams concerned with the response to cholera said that the numbers announced ,are inaccurate because it is difficult to reach all areas especially in the fighting or the rugged mountainous areas

Therefore, the World Health Organization, which indicated at its press conference in Sanaa yesterday,said that the numbers of infected people with cholera in Yemen reached to 264,000 

While the correct numbers are likely to rise, and reports have not indicated number of dead due to the infection.

One activist said the Yemeni Health Ministry was not serious about tackling the disease and left the whole problem to the WHO

By asking the medical teams about the availability of doctors and treatment they answered;

The problem is not in the medicines because it has already reached such as the medical extensions of sterilization materials and antibiotics and other vital, but the problem is in the arrival of these convoys of medical areas affected by the disease and this because of the fighting taking place now

 Osman Abdullah, director of a hospital in Abyan province Said exclusively to Castle Journal;

" cholera has spread in all cities of the province in full and numbers will rise, where the incidence rate to a thousand cases, mostly of children and the elderly and that because the war destroyed the infrastructure and tcaused totally destruction and devastation

Osman attributed the health disaster to the destruction of the water and sewage network, which led to the contamination of clean drinking water. He also called for the deterioration of health due to the conflict and devastation that occurred in the country, and that dozens of bodies were buried under the rubble and disinfected humans and animals, The disease is spread because these bodies have not been recovered

Other doctor, Mohamed Saleh, said the United Nations was unable to reach medical convoys because of the war and that any efforts to strengthen the containment of the health crisis were not available as a result of the continued fierce fighting in the country.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has used medical teams from doctors and nurses to send them to injury areas and pay their salaries, Rutgers said, as the Yemeni Ministry of Health stopped paying them months ago.

At the press conference of the representative of the World Health Organization, in which he confirmed that the number of cases of injury reached one and half, the suspected cases of 264,000 cases of

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