Egypt will celebrate on  next  Thursday 25/5/2017 Africa Day which marks the annual commemoration of the 25 May 1963 foundation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) (now known as the African Union) which is celebrated in various countries in Africa, as well as around the world.


Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid said on Tuesday23/5/2017 that the establishment of OAU is a dear memory for all Egyptians and Africans as it has crowned their struggle for the sake of attaining freedom and independence for the whole continent.


The spokesman said Egypt under the leadership of late president Gamal Abdel Nasser played a major role in the liberation of African countries and hosted several figures of their leaders.


On this occasion, the Foreign Ministry will launch a media campaign under the title of "The African Face of Egypt" to mark this occasion.


Lights will reflect on the Foreign Ministry's building on May 25 and a reception will be held at the premises to honor the African guests and members of the African diplomatic corps along with a galaxy of public figures, intellectuals and media men.


Abu Zeid said that on the occasion of the Foreign Ministry's celebration of Africa Day, which takes place on May 25 each year, the Ministry launched a comprehensive national program to highlight Egypt's belonging to Africa, accompanied by an information campaign in the media and on the social networking pages and accounts of the Ministry to define Egypt's role in supporting African issues.


The spokesperson added that on this occasion the Foreign Ministry will organize a ceremony on Thursday to be attended by the African diplomatic corps, the African community in Egypt, members and directors of African organizations and institutions working in ‎Egypt, senior officials and leaders in African work, as well as a group of representatives of universities, centers, bodies, agencies and companies involved in African affairs. 


The Foreign Ministry will also raise the flags of African countries and the flag of the African Union with the Egyptian flag on the Foreign Ministry's building while lighting the building (facing the Nile) with the word " ‎AFRICA" to celebrate the day. Moreover, embassies abroad will organize celebrations of Africa Day in collaboration with the African countries to which they are accredited.


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