The Arabic Spring touched his crisis The republic of north Sudan who ended recently on the ruling of the dictator  president Omar Hassan al-Bashir by a military coup after 20 years ....But it is not the end of the way as the Sudanese are careful to get rid of all the outset president regime. It wasn’t enough to satisfy Sudanese protesters to make new council of the military so today the leader of the protesters announced his cut off his ties and talk with the council as they confirmed that there are some factors belong to the old regime.

Now, they are calling for the end of the entire regime that Omar Elbashir built and that kept him in power for so long.

in the video there is an explanation for what is happened in Sudan and to where they are going to reach .

To understand how this all unfolded, let’s go back to December 19th, 2018 in Sudan. Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in the northeastern city of Atbara and in other cities to protest the continued worsening of the country’s economy under al-Bashir.

Inflation had recently skyrocketed to nearly 70% and the price of food had risen dramatically as well.

The protests continued to grow and in April, tens of thousands of anti-government protesters made their way to the capital city Khartoum, where protesters surrounded the army headquarters and made history. The protests became the longest sustained demonstration in Sudan… since it gained independence in 1956.

The military started violently cracking down on the protesters. But things started to change… when some Sudanese soldiers began protecting the anti-government protesters.

This marked the beginning of what would be the end of al-Bashir’s rule. The military turned its back on al-Bashir, poetically ending his presidency in a coup... the same way he gained power in 1989.

But it didn’t end there because that still doesn’t seem to be enough for those protesters demanding real change.

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