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Quoting the Sudanese news agency said that the  Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir as part of his efforts to contain the current crisis between demonstrators and the state and those wishing to improve the economic and political conditions, he has discussed on Sunday number of proposals ended for the adoption of President Bashir with two commissions , the first is for elections and the other  for parties affairs and also he approved on the selection of a committee of ten national figures for the election commission.

As The Supreme Coordination Committee allowed to follow up the implementation of the outputs of the national dialogue in its meeting today chaired by the President Omar Al-Bashir who approved on the  nominations of members of the Election Commission and the Council of Political Parties Affairs by 10 members each.


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"The committee approved the formation of the corruption commission headed by the general auditor, and the membership of the head of the office of the illegal richness , and the head of the court of the heresy and grievances, the head of the National Justice Bureau and the chairman of the committee concerned with the parliament.

Information Minister spokesman Bishara Juma said that the Higher Coordination Committee discussed the current positions for political and economic through the report of the Special Committee.
He added that the meeting stressed the need to move forward in the national dialogue until the elections as there is no alternative to the reality of the country other than dialogue.

He noted that the meeting discussed the issue of peace and the meeting of the Supreme Council for Peace,explaining that the Higher Coordination Committee addressed the conspiracies being waged against the Sudan.
Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, a member of the committee, said that the formation of the Electoral Commission, the Council of Political Parties Affairs and the Anti-Corruption Commission will continue to implement the outcomes of the dialogue.

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