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Port Sudan

Reuters quoted witnesses in Sudan  saying that the security forces had dispersed a demonstration on which had launched on Thursday and was confronted by the Sudanese security forces and fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators Who were trying to appeal to the city council presidency for complaining.

Eyewitnesses said the demonstration was small, attended by about 200 people, but security forces confronted them before the protesters reached the building.

According to eyewitnesses, the security forces confronted the demonstrators and dispersed them using live ammunition as well as tear gas and sound bombs. They also arrested some protesters and opposition figures.

In other side ,Opposition and professional political forces in Sudan have called on citizens to step up demonstrations in the coming days with the aim of overthrowing the regime "peacefully".

These forces issued a statement calling for a demonstration called "Friday of Freedom and Change" from all the cities of the country, announcing the launch of the "third and fourth convoy" towards the presidential palace in the capital Khartoum, and move towards the National Assembly buildings in Omdurman, The departure of the regime.

This statement was preceded by an expected meeting between President Omar al-Bashir and the Union of Professional Trade Unions and Workers to discuss the developments in the country, for more than two weeks, the deterioration of the economic situation and turned into demands for the departure of the regime.

Source: Agencies

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