By Abeer Almadawy


On Wednesday, the Egyptian authority of Information and the British University in Cairo Egypt will sign a partnership and cooperation protocol , represented by Head of the authority Diaa Rashwan, while the University will be represented by Dr. Ahmad Hamad, President of the University and Dr. Mohammed Shoman, Dean of the College.
The aim of the protocol is to provide opportunities for college students, graduates and the scholars  to train in the specializations that serve the educational and training process, as well as organizing workshops, conferences and symposia, as well as conducting joint research and public opinion polls and producing documentary films.
In accordance with the Protocol, a specialized technical committee will be set up to develop operational plans for the joint activities, their time periods and methods of implementation, as well as proposing recommendations for the development of the Protocol.
The implementation of the Protocol is expected to continue for four years starting from the current academic year 2018/2019 and to be renewed automatically.

Professor Mohamed Shoman, Dean of the College of Media, said that the signing of the protocol comes within the framework of the implementation of the strategy of the College until 2022, by establishing partnerships with local, regional and international media institutions, thus enhancing the chances of graduates to get training and work after the completion of the study. It also helps to develop college programs by identifying the needs of the labor market and including them in study programs.


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