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The Egyptian museum in tahrir showcased today its weekly special display at the museum's entrance 

Sabah Abdel-Razek, Director General of the Egyptian Museum said that  the artifacts include of an upper part of a Triad statue of deities Isis, Osiris and Horus, dated to the 22 dynasty and fragments of Palermo Stone which is one of the main sources of information about the Ancient Egyptian History. 

She explains that the third  statue was stored in the Basement of the Egyptian Museum after it was discovered in 1881

It is carved in granite and depicts God Osiris standing and on his right stands his son Horus with the falcon head while his wife Isis stands to his left. 
Fragments of Palermo Stone consists of seven fragments, the largest one exhibited in the Regional Archeological Museum Antonio Salinas in Palermo, Italy, so that why it is called Palermo. five pf its parts are on display in the Egyptian museum in Cairo and the last part in Petrie Museum in London.

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