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   During the opening of number national mega projects in Ismailia and Port Said Governorates, the Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi  said during his speech Egyptians that the Egyptian borders are safe and secured ,as well there is no danger to them and no one dare to approach them because there is a strong army will defend them for the last drop of blood.

"We are a country that respects the rights of all peoples and we are not greedy. We don't seek to take the wealth of others  or have a greed attitude in their lands, and therefore we can defend our lands and borders very well and there is no fear at all.

The President promised to eliminate terrorism in Sinai and to end this problem very soon. Alsisi also praised the role of Sinai Egyptians in dealing with the army and the police in the process of fighting the this occasion the president said the state starts the road of development in Sinai with 100 Billions he affirmed that Sinai is Egyptian lands and won't leave a point of its dust to any one.

From other point ,The president stressed that we are in a real war with terrorism and we do not fight against the opposition because the terrorists are mostly non-Egyptian nationalities and possess smuggled weapons supported by countries that finance terrorism and send it to us to destabilize Egypt ... But I am not afraid of them or others because we are a strong country and united , Egyptians are one hand.


This speech  of  high excellence President Abdul Fattah Alsisi has come during the  Opening of a number of mega projects in the governorates of Ismailia and Port Said

And this through the opening of several floating bridges linking the east of the canal in the West to facilitate the movement of the people of Sinai

And will also inspect the stages of the completion of the four tunnels that will link Sinai with its Egyptian depth, which passes under the Suez Canal and are established by the Engineering Corps in the armed forces with Egyptian engineering companies and international expertise.


The President will also complete the opening of the second phase of the fish farms projects in Port Said and Suez .This will also announce other openings for productive projects for the eastern coastal governorates of Egypt in the framework of the development plan presented by President Sisi since he took office in 2014.


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