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At the Egyptian-French summit in Paris, Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al-sisi and his French counterpart , Emmanuel Macaron, held a press conference after the end of the talks, in which he stressed the importance of the Franco-Egyptian relations and the positive role attributed to that relationship and its impact on regional issues.
The president also discussed the issues of terrorism in Egypt as well as the Palestinian, Libyan and Syrian issues and the Qatari crisis. He also opened the human rights files and what Egypt suffers and its needs of the educational and health development system.

And the text is as the following:

President Emmanuel Macaron, President of the French Republic, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the reception we have received since our arrival in your friendly country, with which we have extensive historical relations and strong partnership in various fields. This reflects the momentum of our relations. Bilateral relations and the high level of coordination on various regional and international issues.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I discussed with President Emmanuel Macaron on ways to enhance cooperation between the two countries on various political, strategic, economic and cultural levels. We agreed to intensify consultation and coordination on the priority issues of our two countries.

 Today's talks have confirmed the strong foundation on which we are working to continue to advance the various fields of cooperation to a greater level, so as to achieve the mutual interests of our two peoples. The bilateral relations in their economic affairs have been a major priority during our discussions today. They reviewed with Macron what has been implemented Of the steps taken by the Egyptian economic reform program and its positive results in restoring high growth rates, increase in foreign direct investments, strengthening the social protection network for the most needy classes, and providing many investment opportunities, especially In the framework of the major national projects implemented by Egypt and the attention of French business circles.

 We also witnessed the signing of a series of agreements, memorandums of understanding and declarations of intent worth about 400 million euros in the fields of traditional and renewable energy, infrastructure, social protection and transportation in various branches, maritime, land and underground.

I would also like to point out that the cultural file and cooperation in the fields of tourism and education were present in our talks today. We agreed to declare the 2019 year of Egyptian-French culture and tourism to reflect the depth of our cultural and civilizational ties, especially in light of the great French interest, In addition to coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Suez Canal, the development of which is of great importance in the plans of the Egyptian government since the duplication of the canal's passage in 2015 to be the largest service area Today, I discussed with President MacRoon how to combat the sinful terrorism that Egypt and France suffered from, and which threatens the security and stability of the Middle East and the European continent, and is the biggest challenge to our efforts to achieve development. The need for concerted international and regional efforts to address the shortcomings in combating this phenomenon.

 We also discussed the developments in the situation in Libya, which represents stability and security of particular importance to both countries, in light of its direct impact on the Egyptian, French and Mediterranean national security. We also discussed the successful Egyptian efforts to achieve Palestinian reconciliation, the importance of restoring the momentum for the resumption of the peace process and the developments in Syria, Iraq and the Sahel and Sahara region on the African continent. We also exchanged views on the comprehensive treatment of illegal immigration as well as relations between Egypt and the European Union Priorities for participation to enhance cooperation between the two sides in July.

I am confident that our meeting today will serve as a new starting point for strengthening cooperation and partnership between our two countries. I also assure you that we are keen to continue coordination and consultation in order to follow up the implementation of what has been agreed and translated on the ground, thus contributing to the development of our common relations. At the end, it is my pleasure to renew to you, Mr. President, the invitation to visit Egypt at the earliest opportunity to continue the joint coordination, which will contribute to achieving our aspiration to develop different areas of cooperation and achieve the interests of the two friendly peoples.

Thank you, Mr. President

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